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Toddler Carrying

This last week I have started carrying my youngest daughter again, she is just over two and half and she outgrew our baby Sleepy Nico at the beginning of the year. I was hopeful that the toddler carrier would be ready by then but getting it just right has taken longer than I had thought. So this year, we have walked, we have used the buggy and (for my sins) sometimes taken the car. She's a great little walker but on days when I need to get the shopping, pick up the dry cleaning and be back for the school run it has not been possible to potter into town and back at her preferred 'gaze at the flowers' pace.


Now the toddler carrier is taking shape I have started using it and I love it and importantly so does she. I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to carry my baby, we talk and talk, she can see into gardens and over cars. Shop windows are seen from a new perspective and the closeness is just wonderful. She is big enough to leap up onto my back,“Mummy I'm Dumbo flying” she says. A lady came over to us last week and said she couldn't help but listen to our conversation and how wonderful it was to be able to talk like that and it wouldn't be possible in a pushchair.


She's a lot heavier than at the beginning of the year but also much more confident and happy to be on Mummy's back. She can easily articulate when she wants to get up and down and what makes me smile the most is that she can't say her s's yet, so the cry of 'Mummy ling ling' is a delight.


Sleepy Nico's Toddler Carrier will be available to order once it has passed safety testing, hopefully later this autumn.






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