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Bryn Baby Carrier

Bryn Baby Carrier


Bryn was our charity carrier for 2016 and £500 was raised for Bryn's Helping Hand from it's sales.

These beautiful feathers were chosen by Rosie and Midge, Bryn's parents.

"Feathers for us are a way to help keep Bryn a part of our family. I told Rafferty (Bryn’s brother) how some people – including me, feel that tiny white feathers are a passed away persons way of saying hello to their family.

We find lots of these tiny white feathers – when we go for days out, if any of us are feeling sad, or when we are all laughing and having fun.

Even though Bryn is always on our minds – seeing these feathers 'oh look, a Bryn feather' – helps us to talk about him, talk about our feelings (especially if we are feeling extra sad) or sharing a joyful memory.

Rafferty loves spotting the feathers and he told me it makes him ‘feel loved by Bryn’."

For further information about Bryn's Helping Hand please visit


Navy corduroy

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Sleepy Nico baby carriers and toddler carriers are all manufactured in the UK. Made from 100% cotton and prewashed to remove any residues. The design and construction of the Sleepy Nico carrier conform to the British Safety standard BS EN 13209-2:2005 and they have a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase.


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