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Frequent Questions

  • What age can I use a SleepyNico Carrier from?

    SleepyNico Baby Carriers are suitable for your baby as soon as they have good head control, from around 3-4 months.
  • What weight of child are they suitable for?

    Baby Size from 3.5kg to 15kg
         Toddler Size from 6.8kg to 20kg
  • Are they safety tested?

    The SleepyNico carrier conforms to TR 16512:2015.
  • When should I move to a Toddler Carrier?
          They can be used from around 18 months for most babies so long as their airways are NOT covered so they are SAFE at ALL times this can vary from child to child, the main weight limits are set for safety tested limits so this is a good guide. However within this there is an overlap, some babies may have longer legs than another so a good tip is when the baby size is no longer supporting them knee to knee or is not supporting them in the back panel enough. We are always happy to help with this and Sling Libraries are an excellent place to get support and advice with this. 
  • How do I find the instructions and Safety Guidelines?

    Click the icon to open a PDF of our full safety instructions
  • Can I order a SleepyNico Carrier made to my specifications?

    We can offer you a bespoke service using a fabric of your choice, please contact us by email. SleepyNico are unable to tailor the sizes of straps/waistband at this time.
  • Are SleepyNico Carriers machine washable?

    • Spot cleaning with warm soapy water is preferred.
    • Only machine wash when necessary - clip all the buckles together first and ensure velcro is fastened down.
    • Machine wash using a gentle cycle at 30 degrees C and use a mild detergent.
    • Don't tumble dry.
    • Dry hanging up in a well ventilated room.
    • Don't use bleach.
    • Iron on reverse.
  • I would like to try a SleepyNico Carrier before I buy one, can I do this?

    This is a really sensible idea, not all babies (or parents) are the same and it is worth finding what suits you both. Many UK Sling Libraries have a SleepyNico carrier available for hire. To find your local sling library and other resources in your area visit or please contact us and we will do our best to help. Lynsey is also a consultant and can offer Video consultations.
  • Where can I buy SleepyNico carriers from?

    SleepyNico baby and toddler carriers are available from our website at We stock the new season's collection, favourites from previous collections and Limited Edition carriers. We also have a select group of stockists in the UK and Ireland.
  • How do I contact SleepyNico?

    Email us:
    Call us: +44 7590115303