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Safety Guidelines - Beta

Safety Guidelines

Carrying a baby
  • Always check the carrier before each use for any undone stitching, tearing, etc.
  • While you and your baby are getting used to the carrier have somebody help you first few times.

  • Practice putting your baby in the carrier over a soft surface, such as sofa or bed.

  • Before you attempt putting you baby in, check that you have buckled up the waist support belt properly by pulling at the webbing on both sides of the buckle in opposite directions.

  • Have one or both hands on the baby at all times while putting Sleepy Nico Carrier on.

  • Check that the body of the Sleepy Nico Carrier reaches at least your baby's armpits
  • Take care when bending and leaning forward. It's better to squat than bend down.

  • Don't undo the waist buckle before taking your baby out of the carrier first.

  • Don't drink anything hot or cook with your baby in the front carry position. This can be done in the back carry position, but with due care.

  • Don't have your baby in the Sleepy Nico Carrier when using a bicycle or car or while engaging in any sporting activity

  • Sleepy Nico carrier is not meant for your baby to be worn facing out.

  • If you have any health issues that might interfere with the safe use of the carrier, such as spine problems, pain in your back and/or legs, problems with balance, dizziness, etc., then please consult a health professional before using a Sleepy Nico Carrier.
  • Never use Sleepy Nico Carrier when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your reactions and balance will be impaired.

  • Listen to your instinct and use common sense, don't do anything that you think might be wrong.

  • Carefully study all the instructions before you start!