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What People are Saying

  • "We've used this carrier for quick trips into shops, the nursery run and days out. We used it for quick ups and longer carries. The simplicity and ease make it quick to use or change between the person carrying. The structure of the carrier with its soft fabrics and gentle padding make it super comfortable. And the choices of fabrics and colour combinations, even the option to design a custom carrier, has created some stunning designs. I can honestly say the Sleepy Nico was a pleasure to use."

    Amy and Theo

    (Feb 2018)

    Amy and Theo using Alfie Carrier 2018
  • "I absolutely love my Sleepy Nico! Here are some shots of it in use with my little boy Jairus! I hardly use the buggy now I just head out with my sling and backpack. My husband uses it too and in the group shot my friend carried him which she loved.
    People always comment on how much they like it."

    Beth, Jairus and friends

    (Oct 2015)

    Beth, Jarius and friends 2015
  • "We couldn't decide at first whether to go for a stock SN or a custom design but after deciding we wanted to be original we went for a custom! I'm not exactly a whiz with fabric etc so I relied heavily on Angeline to help us design our perfect SN. She was fantastic and after lots of thinking (on my part!) we chose a fabric and cord combination. I opened the parcel when it arrived like it was Christmas morning and my husband was just as excited! The outcome was just stunning, it was everything we hoped for and I put it on immediately!

    It has really helped us bond with our baby by wearing him close but also the SN makes daily living more of a pleasure. It makes food shopping, walking, public transport, and pretty much most things, 100% easier - it means I have 2 hands!"

    Overall the SN has made a huge difference to our family life. My husband loves it too!

    I cannot recommend SN highly enough for quality, customer service and choice. Thank you!"

    Sophie and Harry


    (Oct 2015)

  • "The hardest bit by far was deciding on a fabric.

    I went for the option of picking my own to create a beautiful custom sling. I worked very closely with Angeline and she helpfully suggested websites and ideas for fabrics and cords. The end result was absolutely gorgeous, even more so than i thought it would be.

    Every time we venture out with the sling I get complimented on it, and have had lots of other mums asking where I got it from. Its brilliant value too, especially compared to some of the other carriers on the market."

    My only regret is not getting it sooner!"

    Mya and Zain

    Welwyn Garden City

    (Feb 2013)

  • "My carrier arrived at the weekend and it is absolutely beautiful so thank you so much!Only got a chance to try it out yesterday, but when we did we had a great time. I could tell Emily was super comfortable and happy in it - first she was having a good old nosey at all the sights and sounds and then she happily fell asleep in it :-).

    Thanks again for all the effort you went to - I've not experienced such good customer service in a very long time. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends and family (or anyone else for that matter)."

    Rebecca and Emily


    (May 2013)

  • Celia and Seth 2013

    "We absolutely love the carrier, its so comfy and i adore the fabric and colours.

    Seth has no complaints either, he is very happy to be carried and i love the bond it allows us to have! (cheesy i know) People always comment on how comfy/happy Seth looks and how beautiful the carrier is. I think he enjoys the contact it allows him with other people as well, being more on their level makes him very smiley indeed!"

    Celia and Seth


    (Nov 2013)