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Toil and the Sleepy Nico Toddler Carrier

When I became the owner of Sleepy Nico almost two years ago, my youngest daughter was approaching toddlerhood and rapidly outgrowing her baby carrier. It seemed just the thing to design a toddler sling to sell alongside the Sleepy Nico baby carrier.

I could not have imagined the work and time that would go into it; three designs, discarded attachments, a prototype named Frankenstein that was chopped and resewn, then chopped and added to. One safety testing failure. Lots of use from me and my rapidly growing daughter and some great testing from the lovely Katharine Liu, Rosie Knowles and the Sheffield sling gang (thank you letting me crash your Christmas party with Frankenstein). Thank you also to Maggie and Emily at the South London Sling Library and your helpful advice.

Now 18 months later the toddler carrier has finally passed testing in it's design and construction. Ironically my little one is nearly too big for it. No plans for a pre-schooler size at the moment though ;)

Please contact if you are interested in trying out or buying a Sleepy Nico Toddler Carrier.


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