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Carrying Works review of Alfie Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier

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We’ve used this carrier for quick trips into shops, the nursery run & days out. We used it for quick ups & longer carries. The simplicity & ease make it quick to use or change between person carrying. The structure of the carrier with its soft fabrics & gentle padding make it super comfortable. And the choices of fabrics & colour combinations, even the option to design a custom carrier, has created some stunning designs. I can honestly say the Sleepy Nico was a pleasure to use.

The wonderful woman behind Wild Things!

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Kirsty Hartley is the owner of Wild Things and the woman behind the fabulous print of our Rainbow Starburst carrier. Here we find out a bit more about what makes her tick.


Try before you buy – our top tip for choosing a sling!

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When it comes to babywearing, the most important thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. As the owner of a baby carrier brand you might expect me to be pushing my own above all else but that has never been the ethos of Sleepy Nico. In fact, I am a firm believer in try before you buy.

Sleepy Nico's 2017

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Another year gone and as I watch my little girls grow up into much bigger girls I still enjoy seeing all your gorgeous babies and toddlers enjoying snuggles in their Sleepy Nico carriers.



It has been a good year for us and we have enjoyed making your children feel happy and secure as creating some beautiful baby and toddler carriers. Some of the highlights of the year are:



Sleepy Nico turned 5!


A huge personal achievement for me, to run a business for 5 years and be making so many lives easier, babies and parents happy and still enjoying it. Here's to another 5 years of Sleepy Nico! We celebrated with two parties – one at Raspberry Rascals in Bury St Edmunds and the other at Sling-Spot in Sheffield. There were a lot of cakes and baby cuddles. My daughter's came to the Sheffield party and enjoyed forcing cakes on people and 'helping' to sell slings (you'll have to ask Rosie and Rob if it really was any help).



To celebrate our birthday we also launched a really rather lovely short film, made by amazing film maker Ricardo who uses both a baby and toddler Sleepy Nico with his boys. Every time I watch it it brings a tear to my eye, it really has captured the spirit of our brand and how I felt about carrying my children.





Silver Right Start Award


Other highlights included winning silver in the Right Start Best Baby Essentials Awards in which I was invited to an awards lunch. Possibly as close to a red carpet as I'll ever get. I met some great people in the industry, enjoyed a delicious lunch and just like Cinderella had to run off at the stroke of 2 o clock to get back in time to pick my children up from school. No one said running your own business and family life were going to be glamorous!



Bryn's Helping Hand


We were very proud to be able to donate £500 from the sale of Bryn Baby Carrier's to local charity Bryn's Helping Hand. It is an amazing privilege to be able to run a business and use it to do good.




Thank You


I also want to thank so many lovely people who worked so hard in 2017 to keep Sleepy Nico running smoothly (as smooth as it can be when you have children anyway!). Ana, Kerri and Kerry for their amazing sewing skills, Jane for your brilliant cutting and advice. Thanks to Nicki for keeping things organised and tidy at the studio and the behind the scenes admin work you do. Finally thank you to Karen who is the 'Sheffield branch' of Sleepy Nico and does all our social media – she lets everyone know what's going on :)



I am sure 2018 will prove to be just as exciting with continuing partnerships with Suffolk Babies and Splashings of Love and a new one with Kirsty from Wild Things. Look out for our awesome collaboration in the 2018 baby carrier collection.


Our new collection is launched a week today and includes our new charity carrier, Alfie and some gorgeous new prints.


Happy New Year everyone


Angeline x




Reduce, reuse and recycle

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Reduce, reuse and recycle – it’s a motto for us all! Christmas is almost upon us and I love the joy it brings to my children and family but I do find the waste that comes with it slightly distressing as I am a firm believer in “waste not, want not”. I like the idea that one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure and that these days, there is so much that can be done in the name of recycling. You will find me gathering up all the wrapping paper, ribbons and boxes to use again whilst everyone else delights in their gifts next Monday!

This is why Sleepy Nico works with an awesome local charity called Recreate Social Enterprises, a not for profit organisation based in Ipswich. Every few months I turn up on their doorstep armed with my fabric off cuts and all the waste materials that we have no use for. The team at Recreate then use these remnants for something wonderful – they are given to adults with special needs who sift, sort and slice them up into arts and crafts packages to be sold. This is part of a number of therapeutic work-based activities for learning disabled and disadvantaged people which they run. They also collect unwanted, unused and surplus items such as card, paper, film, foil, ribbon, buttons, sequin cut outs, bottles, containers and a whole host of unique items from other local businesses. The items are sold to schools, playgroups, drama groups and individuals at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Sleepy Nico passionately believes in supporting charities – local, national and international.

Last year we supported Bryn’s Helping Hand, a charity set up to support parents of babies with life limiting and life-threatening conditions. With input from Bryn's parents we created the Bryn Baby Carrier, which raised £500 for the charity. You may have already seen our new charity carrier – Alfie, made from a gorgeous and rather special rainbow fabric. Alfie is a limited edition and 25% of the cost of the fabric went to SANDS and towards buying a cuddle cot for the James Paget hospital in Great Yarmouth. A further £10 from the purchase of each of these Sleepy Nico carriers will go to Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of my dear friend Shona. The preorder for this carrier is open till midnight on Monday 17th December. It will then be available to purchase from January 19th 2018.

We also continue to support Carrying Aid International – donating all slings that have been deemed seconds to this charity which provides refugees with a vital means to carry their babies in difficult circumstances. And this one really brings us full circle – back to the concept of “waste not, want not.”

Details of Re-creates work can be found here

Sleepy Nico's preorder for Alfie

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a lovely 2018

Angeline and the Sleepy Nico team x

Corduroy is in fashion – which means I am too!

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I am not what you would call fashionable. Like most parents, I choose garments which wear well, wash well and wipe well. Generally speaking I don what is most comfortable. Imagine my surprise therefore when I discovered that corduroy, once the reserve of geography teachers, is being championed this season by a number of leading fashion labels. The fabric is being described by Britain's fashion gurus as "a great palate-cleanser" and "the desirable alternative to denim".

Stanley carrier

The durable vintage material is being hailed as "practical, comfortable and lastingly chic" but guess what? Here at Sleepy Nico we have known this for quite some time. All our carriers have soft, corduroy waistbands, shoulder straps and lining which we picked for comfort as well as style.

With more yarns per square inch than most fabrics and a distinctive corded nap, corduroy offers protection by construction. Extra yarns in the weft, or horizontal component, pass over the warp yarns, skipping two or three vertical yarns before diving back under the weave. Held securely in the middle by the vertical yarns, the weft yarns are then snipped, freeing both ends, then trimmed and brushed to a fine, soft nap.

As well as being robust, this is a fabric which has long been hailed as luxurious. After all, corduroy may be making a comeback for the kings and queens of fashion but actually it has long been a favourite of royalty.

Seahorses carrier

In fact, corduroy takes its name from "cloth of the king" or "cord du roi", fashioned for the sporting use of the French royal court in the 1600s. Its ancestor - a cotton weave known as "fustian" – dates back even further. This was developed in the Egyptian city of Fustat in 200BC and was an Egyptian specialty until the medieval period when Italian merchants introduced the fabric to western Europe. Now in a remarkable renaissance "poor man's velvet" is discovering a brand-new audience.

Yorkshire Terraces Carrier

The revival is, in part, down to the success of Stranger Things, the Netflix hit which has a strong 80s aesthetic featuring baseball caps, babydoll smocks and pleated skirts. Whilst wholeheartedly embracing a new decade, it correspondingly manages to tap into current trends. And this means that a 1980s revival has taken flight on the catwalks where corduroy has become a prominent feature in multiple collections. Gucci has produced a £1,610 floral jacket made of the hard-wearing fabric and you can pick up a more modest green equivalent from Mango for £90.

Retro Carrier

And, thanks to our baby carrier range, that makes us at the forefront of the latest fashion trend (and more reasonably priced).

Angeline x

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or is it?

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Christmas can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents particularly those with very young children. If you’re one for elaborate decorations, cooking, baking and entertaining, then being tied to a newborn who needs frequent feeding can feel a little frustrating. That, coupled with the exhaustion that’s an inevitable part of new parenthood, can make seasonal cheer seem completely alien.


Don’t worry. We have some top tips for helping you through the holidays…


Meet the Team

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Meet Karen



Karen is a mum of two little people aged 3 and 7. She’s passionate about being outdoors, whether it be walking the dogs (with her daughter chattering in her ears whilst being carried after her little legs tire), treasure hunting (aka Geocaching) with her older boy or volunteering as a run leader for her local running group that she setup by herself. She is always on the go with a small family to take care of.



Her work includes being the social media expert at Sleepy Nico, an Infant Feeding Peer Support Worker and as a baker for her friends and family. She is also a volunteer Doula for mums who need additional support.


Karen is happiest when spending time with her family but also depends

on her “me time” for her sanity (which sometimes can take up to the length of a half marathon).



As you can tell Karen is ideally placed to be our social media bod, she knows just what it's like to be a busy parent and seems to have the knack of multi tasking extremely successfully. Something a baby/toddler carrier is invaluable for helping with. She has also carried out the Born to Carry peer supporter course and is my amazing help at any events.


Thanks for being part of Sleepy Nico Karen.


Angeline x



Baby it's cold outside!

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Whatever the weather, it's good for you and your baby to get some fresh air every day. It helps clear away the cobwebs, gives you a change of scenery and can work to boost your immune system and lift your mood.

Not just a pretty pattern

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Introducing Katherine from Ipswich and Colchester Sling Library talking about the different baby carriers available and what to think about when choosing one.
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