Sleepy Nico's 5th Birthday Competition

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I spend a lot of my time driving around the beautiful Suffolk countryside, so when I saw this stunning fabric I had to have it for a baby carrier. Cow parsley lines every lane and track I find myself on and I feel incredibly blessed to live somewhere so scenic.

Sleepy Nico baby carrier

This Thursday it's our 5th Birthday and to celebrate we are running a competition to win the first of these gorgeous baby carriers.


This competition is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The judges decision is final
  2. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. If you win the competition you will be notified by email
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. To enter the competition you must be over 18



Suffolk Baby Carrier Company is 5

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First published in Suffolk Babies E-Newsletter June 2017




Nine and a half years ago I walked into a playgroup and saw a woman wearing a beautiful baby carrier and little did I know that moment would change the course of my life as a parent and for our whole family.


Sleepy Nico was originally set up by and run by two lovely Mums both named Maria, each with a son called Nico. One of the Maria's designed and made the carriers and the other did the sales and marketing. It was the latter Maria that I met wearing an apple Sleepy Nico after I had walked three miles with my eldest daughter in an ill fitting narrow based carrier. My shoulders hurt, I was sweaty and tired and in front of me was a vision of parental calm and glamour!


A week later I had ordered an 'Angelina carrier' and my life was changed for the better. I have carried both my girls in it, rocked them to sleep, travelled with ease. When I had my second daughter it was invaluable because I could carry on with activities and playdates with my eldest. We have baked, crafted, painted and run around the playground all with my little one snugly and safe in my Sleepy Nico.


Everywhere we went I was stopped by people commenting on how pretty and stylish it was, how comfortable it looked. It really was the best piece of baby equipment I had bought.


Angeline from Sleepy Nico Carriers


When my brother-in-law was expecting his first child I went online to order one for him and his partner. The website said they were all sold out, I called Maria and she said that they were both moving onto new things (and more children) and were looking for a 'like minded mother' to pass Sleepy Nico onto. Those words and a now infamous conversation between my husband and I (where I quote) he said “it will just be a bit of admin in the evenings for you” led to our purchase of the pattern and the Sleepy Nico legacy.


That was five years ago, we bought it on our Wedding Anniversary and every year on June 8th I celebrate another happy year of marriage and another busy, exciting year running Sleepy Nico. I have tried to continue my experience of parenting with a carrier - safety and security for you and your child are at the heart of the business. Style is important too and it has taken me a few years to choose designs that will suit everyone. I don't always get it right as my own taste is bold, retro and floral. Which is why we offer the custom made service and parents can have a fabric that reflects their own taste.


Running a growing business around my daughters has been a huge challenge and some days incredibly hard. The little bit of admin in the evenings has developed into something much bigger and I often refer to Sleepy Nico as my third child! She needs love, nurture, stability and encouragement, I also have to drive a lot and her activities take up a lot of my weekends and evenings!


Sleepy Nico is....


Five years feels like a huge achievement and I'm thrilled to have got this far. My family and business are flourishing and the feedback I receive from customers is wonderful. Some of this I will be sharing with you all on June 8th, a wonderful film made by a talented customer who has been using Sleepy Nico baby and toddler carriers with both his sons. We will also be having a party at Raspberry Rascals in Bury St Edmunds on the 8th June and a competition.



Please do visit our facebook page for more information.


Angeline x




4000 Likes Wow!

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Amazing news, we have reached 4000 likes on our facebook page which is very exciting.

In usual Sleepy Nico fashion we are having a competition to celebrate this fabulous milestone. We are giving away our gorgeous new spring design baby carrier 'Weekend Away'. To enter we would like to know where you would like to go for a fantastic Weekend Away, visit our facebook page and comment below the photo of the Weekend Away carrier.

Visit: and enter your ideal Weekend Away destination below the photograph. Competition ends midnight April 28th.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The judges decision is final
  2. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. If you win the competition you will be notified by facebook message
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. To enter the competition you must be over 18

Yorkshire Terraces and the Northern Sling Exhibition

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It's a week since the Northern Sling Exhibition and I haven't had a chance yet to thank the people of Sheffield for their incredible hospitality and welcome.

Thank you to the team at the NSE for a well organised, well attended and frankly brilliant event. It was fantastic to meet so many of you, those who were Sleepy Nico users and lots of you who had come to find out about us and our carriers. There was such a great atmosphere and so many happy parents and children.

The lovely Karen, who does our social media made her first public appearance for Sleepy Nico and helped so many of you try one of our carriers on. She is also a volunteer doula, infant feeding peer support worker and Sleepy Nico user (and amazing Mummy). I can't wait to work with her in person again.

Our gorgeous new Yorkshire Terraces carrier went down a storm in baby and toddler sizes. Designed by Sheffield printmaker James Green we feel they really capture the essence of Northern cities like Sheffield. They are available on the website to buy. We also still have a few of our limited edition notecard packs left.

If you did buy one, do send a photo of it in use we'd love to gather all the Yorkshire Terraces pictures together. Please send them to

I hope to see you all in the summer for a very special celebration.


Angeline xSave

Winter News 2017

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Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful festive season with your families.

As a family business Sleepy Nico has a bit of a rest in December and early January, it's full of pantomimes, school plays and late night present wrapping. I always feel excited about the prospect of a new year and reflective on the one just passed. For Sleepy Nico it has been a year of recognition with our first ever awards for our baby carriers and as a business. Our spring and autumn collections were greeted with enthusiasm and behind the scenes changes are being planned for 2017.


Sleepy Nico were awarded a Silver Gentle Parenting Award and a silver Prima Baby and Pregnancy Award. We were also accepted as a member of the Future50 - a scheme for 'businesses to watch' in the East Anglian region.

In the Media

On the radio - a real highlight of the year for me personally was being interviewed on Radio Suffolk about Sleepy Nico. I am now harbouring a not terribly secret desire to be a radio broadcaster!

It was also wonderful to be featured in the East Anglian Daily Times. I certainly hadn't intended on becoming a Sleepy Nico cover girl, but this wonderful photo taken by the talented Ali Dover was just perfect for the article.


It was lovely to meet so many of you in Suffolk, the New Forest and London in 2016. This year we are delighted to be silver sponsors at the Northern Sling Exhibition in Sheffield and catching up with so many of you in the Sling City :). Karen who looks after Sleepy Nico's social media will be joining me and I look forward to working with her in person as well as in cyber space!


Our January SALE is  now on - grab a bargain this week with many lines discounted whilst stock lasts. *Discount codes cannot be used with sale items.


Thank you to all of you who have sent photos, written reviews and emailed kind words. Your support has been amazing and we look forward to working with more of you in the coming year.

However you choose to carry your children, enjoy the closeness and cuddles.

With love

Angeline x



The Autumn Collection 2016

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It is here at last, after months of preparation and organisation I can reveal our gorgeous new Sleepy Nico baby carriers for Autumn 2016. I hope you like them.

The Spirit of Adventure

When I was younger I thought that being adventurous was about travel and experiencing the world, which I did. Then I fell in love and settled down and had a baby. I thought that the adventures might be over but I was wrong, becoming a parent was the biggest adventure to come.

Carrying my daughter meant that I could still see and do so many things and she could experience it all with me. I hope I have passed this spirit onto both my daughters and although now they are too big to be carried the Adventure of being a family, seeing the world and discovering so many new things together is still in it's infancy.

Family Forest

This gorgeous baby carrier made for the Suffolk Babywearing Exhibition is now available for everyone to buy.

Family Forest was chosen because we feel it represents the love and community spirit of families in Suffolk. Through Sleepy Nico and babywearing I have met so many wonderful, kind, creative and beautiful people and their children. It is a privilege to run a family and baby oriented business alongside them


I was originally going to call this beautiful baby carrier Harmony after the horse I used to ride as a child but then I remembered how much one of my dear friend's daughters loves to ride. This is for Lyra (who's twin sister Eva has already had a carrier dedicated to her), who loves animals, the outdoors and the joy of riding a horse with the wind in her face.


I hope you and your baby will enjoy the freedom using a carrier brings to your life (just like riding a horse).


Kerri has been making Sleepy Nico baby and toddler carriers for over 3 years. She is calm, kind, creative and honest. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure.

She is a mother of two now grown up (almost) children and has so much wisdom and kindness when it comes to understanding parenting and children.

I wanted to say thank you for all the love she has put into Sleepy Nico and so many of your carriers.


Ana is the incredible lady who makes most of our baby carriers. She works from home and when I turn up at her house with a big pile of corduroy and buckles I am greeted by an incredible garden, brimming with flowers and gorgeous blooms.

I wanted to thank her for all her hard work and putting up with my demands so when I saw this print I thought it would suit Ana perfectly.



Our friends at The Sling Spot also have a lovely new Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier for the autumn. Meet Libby, this carrier will be in stock there later this week.

This launch has coincided with our school half term so if ordering there may be a slight delay in despatch, we would hope to have your carrier out to you by the 25/26th October. Thank you for your patience.

Angeline x


Suffolk Babywearing Exhibition

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Autumn has arrived and whilst we are getting ready for the launch of our new collection we are very excited to show you something rather beautiful first.

Meet 'Family Forest' the exclusive Sleepy Nico carrier for the Suffolk Babywearing Exhibition being held in Bury St Edmunds on October 1st. We are delighted to be the Gold Sponsors of this amazing event and hope to meet many of you there.

Family Forest was chosen because we feel it represents the love and community spirit of families in Suffolk. Through Sleepy Nico and babywearing we have met so many wonderful, kind, creative and beautiful people and their children. It is a priviledge to run a family and baby oriented business alongside them.

Family Forest is now available to preorder at the exclusive price of £75 to be collected at the Suffolk Babywearing Exhibition. If you would like to have one of these lovely carriers please email Angeline at to organise payment and collection.

*Please be aware this preorder offer is only available for a limited number of carriers and Family Forest will be available to buy through the Sleepy Nico website from October 15th alongside the new designs for the autumn collection.


SleepyNico's 4th Birthday Competition

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Four years ago, over a chilled glass of wine, my husband and I decided to embark on a big adventure together – running our own business, Sleepy Nico. This life changing decision happened to fall on our wedding anniversary...

Many years before in 2004, Ali and I, young and fresh faced travelled around the world together – taking in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the pinnacle of the trip: a cruise to Antarctica. It was an incredible journey, thrown around an ex-research vessel on the Drake Passage in seas 30ft high that rendered most passengers seasick for a large part of the journey. Once there we thankfully got out and explored wildlife on the islands as well as at sea. We marvelled at whales, seals and of course penguins, hundreds and hundreds of noisy, smelly penguins.

Noisy, Smelly Penguins

Ali asked me to marry him on the Antarctic peninsula. We had a quiet moment whilst the other members of our group were exploring a different part of Petermann Island, where we had stopped that morning. The sun was shining and it was incredibly beautiful, he popped the question and I said yes. When we looked down we were surrounded by penguins. A group of them had clustered around us as if they wanted to be the first to hear the good news.

Ali and Angeline, Just Engaged

Three months later we were married in London with penguins as our wedding theme. The next part of the adventure was the arrival our two beautiful daughters Amelia and Louisa and through them an introduction to babywearing and Sleepy Nico.

So, as is my tradition, I am holding a birthday competition to win a Sleepy Nico baby carrier. We have been lucky enough to acquire a gorgeous Baie Penguins Chill wrap and have converted it into a stunning baby carrier with our signature black corduroy.

Baie Penguins Chill SleepyNico Baby Carrier

New Competition: Name the Penguin Carrier

If you would like a chance to win this carrier please let us know what you think it should be called. Email your answer (just one per person please) to Entry is open from 8th June to midnight on the 14th June.

Because the 8th is such a special day we are also releasing two gorgeous limited edition carriers perfect for summer. Amelia Cat for my fanatical feline loving daughter and the lovely Lily, named for an old friend's daughter who has her birthday on the 8th as well.

There is a 15% discount off all baby carriers bought through the website today only with the code BIRTHDAY15. This offer is limited to one carrier per person and is available till midnight on the 8th June.

I hope you all have a great time celebrating this extra special day with us.

Happy Carrying

Angeline x


Terms and Conditions

  1. The judges decision is final
  2. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. If you win the competition you will be notified by email
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. To enter the competition you must be over 18

Welcome to Spring from Sleepy Nico!

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Sleepy Nico now produce a newsletter and we wanted to share it with you all. There are lots of exciting things happening and here is just a taster.

Izzy Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier

Spring Collection

We launched our Spring Collection just over a month ago and have had such an amazing response, selling out of some designs in the first week. The carriers in this beautiful collection are named after friends and family including our newest staff member's children, Noah and Esme. You can see the full range here.

We were lucky enough to work with the inspirational Ali Dover who photographed the new collection. Ali talked about how she views babywearing as a way of empowering the mother and we think these beautiful pictures of Laura and her baby Merrys (who slept through the whole shoot) are certainly striking and powerful images of motherhood :).

It's always wonderful to see your photos too, if you would be happy to share any images please send them through to us at or post on our facebook page.

The Spring collection is currently available through our website and will be with some of our stockists soon. Details of our stockists can be found here.


If you've visited the Sleepy Nico website recently, you'll have noticed that on our accessory page we stock suck pads to match many of our carriers for just £14. If you have a custom carrier we can also make some to order for you, just ask.

We are excited to be launching some matching products over the next month. Keep a look out for bags and mirrors in some of your favourite designs - the perfect pretty treat for yourself.


We are absolutely thrilled to have won silver in two prestigious awards this year. As a small company we couldn't believe that we came second to some of the babywearing giants. Sleepy Nico baby carriers won a silver Prima Baby and Toddler Award 2016 and a silver Gentle Parenting Award. It has been lovely to receive this recognition for our gorgeous and comfortable carriers and many thanks to those of you who voted for us in the Gentle Parenting Awards.

Prima Baby and Pregnancy Awards 2016. Silver Award Gentle Parenting Awards 2016. Silver Award

Birthday Celebrations

Sleepy Nico will be celebrating it's 4th Birthday on June 8th. Look out for some special celebrations and our Birthday Competition.

Enjoy these lovely bright days with your children and if you would like to receive our newsletter and special offers straight to your inbox just sign up through the website under 'create an account' in the top right corner.

Best wishes

Angeline x

Sleepy Nico's Highlights of 2015

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It has been another really exciting year for Sleepy Nico, this little company continues to grow and I am so proud to be helping it along. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2015.


Sleepy Nico Toddler Carriers


We have been making the toddler size for a while now and they are so popular. There have been some amazing designs, including a Hogwarts Map, stunning wrap conversions and of course the original SplashMaps Sleepy Nico carrier. We are now delighted to be able to offer a small range of ready to wear toddler size carriers and will be building on this in 2016.





Sleepy Nico now has baby carriers available from a handpicked group of shops and online retailers. All of them are trained carrying consultants and can offer you expert help with fitting and safety. You can find them at:


The Sling-Spot in Sheffield – Rosie stocks three limited edition designs exclusive to The Sling-Spot, Maggie, Fred and Savanna as well as our baby carrier 'collection'.



Seahorse Slings in Ireland - Nicola based in Cork sells a small selection of our carriers, take a look for designs now discontinued.


Love to be Natural in Northern Ireland – Beth has a broad selection of Sleepy Nico baby carriers available to buy.


Just Keep Slinging – Hen has a small selection of our carriers and a few limited editions are still available



Northern Sling Exhibition


What a blast we had up in Sheffield this summer for the Northern Sling Exhibition, Sleepy Nico was the silver sponsor of this fantastic educational event introducing and informing so many parents about the benefits of babywearing.




Our stall was very busy with so many happy faces and beautiful babies. Thanks for all those who let me photograph them for our special picture.


New Collections


2015 saw lots of pretty new baby carriers go on sale, it has been so much fun choosing the fabrics that will carry your babies. Our new charity carrier was also launched in the autumn, with £10 from every sale going to Bryn's Helping Hand. This design has proved really popular and we are already on our second run.




The beautiful fabric was chosen by Bryn's parents Rosie and Midge in his memory and the story behind the Importance of Feathers is very moving.

Prima Baby Awards 2016


What a great way to end the year with the fabulous news that Sleepy Nico have been shortlisted for a #PrimaBabyAwards2016. We won't hear until the beginning of March but are totally thrilled that our baby carrier is listed alongside some of the big names in babywearing.




Next year we are welcoming the lovely Sarah who will be working alongside Kerri making custom made baby and toddler carriers and some of our limited editions. We are also hoping to get out and about and meet more of you at events around the country – we'll be at the Suffolk Baby Show in March.


Thank you for your custom and support this year, it has been amazing.


Happy New Year


Angeline x



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