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I am so pleased that Sleepy Nico's ever popular Morning Song carrier has been featured in the latest edition of The Green Parent.

Angeline x


NICU Memory Boxes from Bryn's Helping Hand

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A few weeks ago I was delighted to tell you that Sleepy Nico had been able to donate £500 to the local charity Bryn's Helping Hand. Rosie, Bryn's Mum has kindly written a piece for us to share with you.

Thank you Rosie, this must have been hard to write.

Angeline x

"When I was pregnant with Bryn, I found myself in a truly scary place of high medical care and facing those precious first days or weeks of my baby’s life with him in intensive care.

It was heart- wrenchingly, stomach -churningly breath- takingly sad and frightening. Not least because I knew of the negative impact it would have on us all but because I felt so lost and alone and a visit to the NICU did little to relieve my concerns.

It felt like my whole pregnancy and birth had been taken away from me and none of the decisions were mine to make.

There is only so much research you can undertake in such a short time. Usually antenatal classes are a place to gather information and learn about your upcoming birth and life with a new baby but those with unusual situations like I experienced don’t have much in the way of support.  I can imagine it being even worse if you go into premature labour – the shock, fear and panic as you are catapulted into a world beyond your control."

"The boxes which Bryn's Helping Hand hand have created have been developed with the idea of giving support in a box, or a hug in a box if you will. A few things that can bring a more human element to life in NICU, some things to concentrate on away from the medical stuff and bring a bit of homeliness to the situation.

Researching what could go into them was done by internet search (what’s out there), heart search and chatting with other mums who had had babies in NICU.

There is so much more that could go in but with price a factor I had to choose what I thought would be of the most benefit.

My original idea was for every family to have a box, but currently we aren’t quite ready for that and both the hospitals we supply are keen to make sure special cases receive a box.

The feedback we are having is amazing and heartwarming and makes me cry. Bitter sweet, on a good day it helps keep Bryn’s memory alive in the world on a bad day I wish with all my heart he was still in my arms.

Running Bryn’s Helping Hand takes time and energy so it goes slower than I’d like at time, what helps so much is friends and community groups that help with fundraising. Bryn brought so much love into the world and when we are given a donation I feel the love and support and I am so happy to pass that on to others who find themselves in heartwrenching situations.

Thank you so much to Angeline for this hugely generous donation and choosing us as the charity to donate to this time round. And huge thanks to those of you who bought a Bryn carrier and made this possible."


Angeline's Top Tips – working from home in the holidays

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As most of you know, I'm a Mummy of two lovely girls. I decided to run Sleepy Nico to enable me to stay at home and work around them. It was a slow start and initially for small amounts of time every day whilst my littlest was still at home. Now they are both at school I allegedly have lots of time to get things done – although I am sure that those of you who do this can join me in agreeing that it is impossible to get everything done between 9 and 3 every day. The long summer holiday is on the horizon and I love this time, watching the children relax and enjoying slow mornings when nothing is urgent. I still have to work though and I thought some of you might be interested in how I manage it!



Breakfast – my daughters don't really like to eat when they get up (unlike old grumbly tummy here) so they tend to potter, watch tv or set up a game. I check my emails, answer any straightforward queries and check the key social media pages whilst having my breakfast and they are occupied.


Arts and crafts – both girls are crazy for arts and crafts, the little one does need quite a lot of help still. We all sit at the kitchen table and do this together, I find this is a really good time to write lists, sort through the giant pile of paper that seems to build up around me every day and preparing for any work that needs serious thought (which generally gets done in the evening).


Work visits – we always combine a pick up/drop off or chat with a seamstress with either a trip to the park or a day trip. I do the pick up first and then we have all the time after to play. They do groan when I say what we are doing but it's soon forgotten once we are out exploring.



Early mornings and late evenings – in the holidays I need to work more when the girls are asleep. During term time I like to try and keep most of my evenings free to spend with my husband but this isn't possible if we have been out playing all day. I 'delegate' bedtime to him when I can so that I can stop work earlier.


The most important thing is to be honest, Sleepy Nico customers are parents and have families too. If I am running slow I just let everyone know that i'm spending important time with my children. It is time that won't come back so I am making the most of it.


Enjoy the summer and quality time with your little ones.


Angeline x




First published in Suffolk Babies E-Newsletter July 2017


Angeline's Top Tips - keeping cool

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 Phew it has got hot again and at Sleepy Nico we get asked a lot about babywearing in high temperatures and what's best. I usually signpost to great resources like the Sheffield Sling Surgery (, where GP Rosie Knowles suggests ways of safely carrying your baby in the heat.



When I carried my daughters I followed the same guidelines as I do now that they are bigger and running around (or away).


- I always try and stay out of the sun at the hottest times – we tend to play early and late in the day and it was the same whilst using a carrier.


- We wear lighter clothes, a hat and apply sunscreen. We have a lot of hats and I keep spare in my bag, the children are used to having to wear one and are good at remembering to keep them on now. Your sling or carrier is like a layer of clothing, it used to make us giggle carrying the baby around naked in the sling on hot days.



- Drink lots and stay hydrated – both you and baby.



Some of us manage the heat better than others, my older daughter is not a fan and prefers to sit inside when it's too hot out. We did a lot of this when she was small too, preferring early evening visits to the playground and a run around outside just after breakfast. Enjoy the sunshine and take care of your little ones, less is more when it comes to the heat.


Angeline x




Right Start Best Baby Essentials Winner

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I am absolutely thrilled to say that Sleepy Nico are a winner of a Right Start Best Baby Essentials Award. We will find out just exactly what we've been given at the awards ceremony this autumn, but for now we're just super excited to be recognised once again for our gorgeous and comfortable baby carriers.

It also gives me time to plan outfit, will there be a red carpet??

Angeline x

Sleepy Nico supports Bryn's Helping Hand

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One of the most amazing things about running your own business is being able to use it as a way of helping others. At Sleepy Nico we love to bring families together with the help of our carriers but there's more to it than this.


I first met my lovely friend Rosie when she was pregnant with her second son Bryn, who was born with a life limiting condition called Trisomy 18.



Bryn lived for six months and had an incredible impact on Rosie's family, his legacy is Bryn's Helping Hand – a small charity supporting families with babies born with life limiting and threatening conditions. They are also working to increase the use of kangaroo care in hospitals.


Rosie and her family chose a beautiful fabric with feathers on and named the baby carrier made with it Bryn. Sleepy Nico promised £10 from the sale of each of these carriers to Bryn's Helping Hand and it felt amazing earlier this year to give Rosie's charity £500. As an individual this is a sum I would never be able to give but as a business owner I have been able to.



To read more about the work of Bryn's Helping Hand please visit


Bryn is still available to buy from our website.


Sleepy Nico will be launching a new charity carrier this autumn


Angeline x






Baby sling business is growing up alongside Angeline's young family

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Sleepy Nico owner Angeline Braidwood liked the product so much she bought the company.

Sleepy Nico's 5th Birthday Competition

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I spend a lot of my time driving around the beautiful Suffolk countryside, so when I saw this stunning fabric I had to have it for a baby carrier. Cow parsley lines every lane and track I find myself on and I feel incredibly blessed to live somewhere so scenic.

Sleepy Nico baby carrier

This Thursday it's our 5th Birthday and to celebrate we are running a competition to win the first of these gorgeous baby carriers.


This competition is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The judges decision is final
  2. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. If you win the competition you will be notified by email
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. To enter the competition you must be over 18



Suffolk Baby Carrier Company is 5

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First published in Suffolk Babies E-Newsletter June 2017




Nine and a half years ago I walked into a playgroup and saw a woman wearing a beautiful baby carrier and little did I know that moment would change the course of my life as a parent and for our whole family.


Sleepy Nico was originally set up by and run by two lovely Mums both named Maria, each with a son called Nico. One of the Maria's designed and made the carriers and the other did the sales and marketing. It was the latter Maria that I met wearing an apple Sleepy Nico after I had walked three miles with my eldest daughter in an ill fitting narrow based carrier. My shoulders hurt, I was sweaty and tired and in front of me was a vision of parental calm and glamour!


A week later I had ordered an 'Angelina carrier' and my life was changed for the better. I have carried both my girls in it, rocked them to sleep, travelled with ease. When I had my second daughter it was invaluable because I could carry on with activities and playdates with my eldest. We have baked, crafted, painted and run around the playground all with my little one snugly and safe in my Sleepy Nico.


Everywhere we went I was stopped by people commenting on how pretty and stylish it was, how comfortable it looked. It really was the best piece of baby equipment I had bought.


Angeline from Sleepy Nico Carriers


When my brother-in-law was expecting his first child I went online to order one for him and his partner. The website said they were all sold out, I called Maria and she said that they were both moving onto new things (and more children) and were looking for a 'like minded mother' to pass Sleepy Nico onto. Those words and a now infamous conversation between my husband and I (where I quote) he said “it will just be a bit of admin in the evenings for you” led to our purchase of the pattern and the Sleepy Nico legacy.


That was five years ago, we bought it on our Wedding Anniversary and every year on June 8th I celebrate another happy year of marriage and another busy, exciting year running Sleepy Nico. I have tried to continue my experience of parenting with a carrier - safety and security for you and your child are at the heart of the business. Style is important too and it has taken me a few years to choose designs that will suit everyone. I don't always get it right as my own taste is bold, retro and floral. Which is why we offer the custom made service and parents can have a fabric that reflects their own taste.


Running a growing business around my daughters has been a huge challenge and some days incredibly hard. The little bit of admin in the evenings has developed into something much bigger and I often refer to Sleepy Nico as my third child! She needs love, nurture, stability and encouragement, I also have to drive a lot and her activities take up a lot of my weekends and evenings!


Sleepy Nico is....


Five years feels like a huge achievement and I'm thrilled to have got this far. My family and business are flourishing and the feedback I receive from customers is wonderful. Some of this I will be sharing with you all on June 8th, a wonderful film made by a talented customer who has been using Sleepy Nico baby and toddler carriers with both his sons. We will also be having a party at Raspberry Rascals in Bury St Edmunds on the 8th June and a competition.



Please do visit our facebook page for more information.


Angeline x




4000 Likes Wow!

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Amazing news, we have reached 4000 likes on our facebook page which is very exciting.

In usual Sleepy Nico fashion we are having a competition to celebrate this fabulous milestone. We are giving away our gorgeous new spring design baby carrier 'Weekend Away'. To enter we would like to know where you would like to go for a fantastic Weekend Away, visit our facebook page and comment below the photo of the Weekend Away carrier.

Visit: and enter your ideal Weekend Away destination below the photograph. Competition ends midnight April 28th.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The judges decision is final
  2. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. If you win the competition you will be notified by facebook message
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. To enter the competition you must be over 18
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