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New Designs for 2020

I am so excited to announce our two gorgeous new designs, Teddy and Maeve. Family features strongly, after all SleepyNico was born out of love for cuddling our babies. These designs are named after the latest arrivals in our ever expanding family.

Teddy is my nephew and is an adorable ball of energy. He lives on a farm and I can't wait to see him charging about in wellies 'herding' sheep and driving tractors. His carrier has little marching elephants in blue and is set on navy corduroy.

Teddy and I at his christening

Maeve is my sister's first baby and she is so like my first daughter. I spent a wonderful week with her in the US, getting to know her and singing all my favourite nursery rhymes (wind the bobbin anyone?). I've chosen this gentle pattern for the Maeve carrier, she is such a calm baby and this design reflects that serene beauty. It is set on our signature grey cord.

Our first meeting.

Both are now available through our website and also to stockists. Professional photographs are on their way too!

Angeline x

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