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Wow look at all those pretty designs in 2019!!

Wow, it's the end of 2019 and the end of a phenomenal decade for me personally!

The decade started with a huge blow with the loss of our son but I've gone on to have my second daughter, create a business, move to the country, make wonderful friends, watch my extended family bloom and grow, travel in Europe and visit the US, run two marathons and at the heart of it all love and cherish my daughters, husband and nurture SleepyNico.

This year though has actually been quiet for SleepyNico, we have launched some beautiful new designs and enjoyed nominations for the PABS Awards in Norfolk and now shortlisted for MadeForMums for both our baby and toddler carriers. We took SleepyNico to Sweden and met some wonderful people and made some great friends (Delilah I'm talking about you).

We have also been lucky enough to work with some amazing and inspirational women - Lucy from Little Lifts, Anna of How to Dress a Mama, Asne from A Babywearing Story who lured us to Sweden and locally Victoria Trevor who runs Kangaroo Together and supports us at shows and with lots of cups of tea inbetween. Alex from PABS who made us so welcome in the area and the talented Larissa from Rowan Bay. So many more of you who continue to love and support SleepyNico.

Running a business alongside a busy family life does have its ups and downs and a large part of 2019 has been focused on helping my daughters with the transition to new schools. This has brought exciting new challenges as I now take them on the train and spend four hours commuting to school and back. Instead of this being dead time I've taken SleepyNico into Norwich and met a supportive community of other parent and baby focused businesses.

I also need to thank the team who put up with my busy life and bonkers demands; Ana who continues to work diligently and with care on all your beautiful carriers, Emma who cuts, sews and also drinks lots of tea with me and Karen in Sheffield keeping our social media active and interesting.

These are the designs we launched in 2019, I hope you have loved them as much as we do.

I look forward to taking SleepyNico to exciting new places in 2020.

Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes

Angeline x

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