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Happy New Year from SleepyNico

January again and I've seen a few memes on social media about the horror for parents with January born children. My youngest has her birthday in January and it's true that it does feel like I've used up all the inspiration I had for Christmas gifts. I love that we have a celebration though so soon after Christmas when we're all tired from starting back at school and work and the decorations have been put away.

We often have a theme and this year it's dots! To my relief rather than wanting a dragon cake or something elaborate she has asked for a spotty dotty one. Hooray, I can buy jelly tots and apply liberally to all baked goods and everyone will be happy.

Alongside organising the party and birthday gifts I'm busy getting SleepyNico ready for an exciting year. We have events coming up: Carry on London on March 2nd where our stall will have a bit of a pop up shop feel, as I'm just going to hop on the train with a bag of stock and a banner and a smile (because I won't have to drive). Whilst at the Norfolk Parent and Baby Show there will be our stand and I'll be giving a talk too.

There is also a mini collection planned and some preorders for old favourites that have sold out. So please do contact me if you would like an Esmé or Elias in baby or toddler size and I'll make sure you are on the makelist. We will also organise a fastening for the storage bags - I know the missing cords have been a mystery/annoyance to some of you. It's on my list :).

We are also hoping to be on the move again, this time to Norwich - I won't reveal anything until it's absolutely definite but I am really excited about clearing our study of work stuff and having a proper city centre HQ where we'll be able to meet so many more of our customers. As they say 'watch this space'.

Happy New Year

Angeline x

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