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7 designs for 7 years of SleepyNico

7 years and so many designs.....


We are celebrating 7 years of SleepyNico in it's current form (ie with Angeline at the helm). We've spoken to 7 different people all involved with slings and SleepyNico over the past years and asked them about their favourite design.



Angeline – the owner!



Oh goodness me, which is my favourite? I have loved so many of these carriers and lots of the designs have had special meanings. A number of them named after my daughters and other dear friends. I have chosen Shona though which is a carrier we made a couple of years ago in memory of my dear friend Shona. I spent ages looking for the fabric, I wanted something that reflected Shona's homeland of New Zealand and was also very appealing as it was being made to auction for charity in her memory. The result was this stunning, delicate design featuring ferns (NZ and particuarly the south island is covered in lush ferns). It was auctioned to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK and is a one off but I would have loved to have seen this design in the collection as I think it is so beautiful.





Karen – SleepyNico's social media guru and generally amazing person (Mummy of two, runner, cake baker, volunteer Doula and breastfeeding counsellor).




When Angeline asked me to choose my favourite SleepyNico print of all time, my mind immediately went to the Esme – I mean how could it not? Shortly after starting work for Angeline, she very kindly asked if I would like to select two of the most recent collection to name after my own children. Back then I was instantly drawn to the print that we know as the Esme, so beautiful in all it’s subtlety of muted greys but with little colourful gems of joy dotted through the calming trees. 

Esme was just 2 and when Angeline then sent us our very own toddler sized Esme carrier, we both fell in love. Though my youngest has always been a little of a chunk, the SleepyNico afforded us so many blissful dog walking days in luxurious comfort. We would walk, talk, share exciting finds whether it be squirrels hopping between trees or fruits we could forage along the way, and we would simply be, breathing in the fresh air of our local countryside on the outskirts of Sheffield. We’d spend whole school days out of the house after waving goodbye to my eldest at the school gates. And this journey lasted until it was time for Esme’s school journey to begin at the grand old age of 4 ¾.

The Esme SleepyNico gave us so many days filled with love and fresh air, all food for the soul, and allowed me to carry my daughter for longer than I could ever have imagined. So, yes, the Esme print is simply beautiful to look at but it has played such an integral part in our lives, how could we not choose it as our favourite?!


Rosie Knowles – Mummy of two, Carrying Matters, Sheffield Sling Surgery and Sling-Spot



I love the Maggie SleepyNico because it was our first exclusive design with this lovely company. I love the colour teal and I love the outdoors, so I adore this print and we named it after my daughter!





Ana – SleepyNico Seamstress



I always look forward to seeing what fabrics there are. I love the Ana one and the 'nursery' patterns. Some years ago I made one with a big fairy on, it was absolutely gorgeous. For me that was the ultimate one.


Can you help us find this design?? We would love to find out if it's still in circulation and what it's name is. Contact if you know anything!




Ricardo – Daddy of two and film maker



Lucy - this was our first carrier with our first child. In the whirlwind of emotions and challenges of being a new Dad, with an exclusively breastfed child, this carrier was part of our relationship. It was crucial in making sure he knew Dad could could keep him safe and warm too. When my wife went back to work and bedtime was my responsibility it made what could have been a testing time into a joy. As he felt the comfort and safety of the Sleepy Nico he knew it was OK to sleep. Later on, with our first and second child it became our way to seek ADVENTURE in the wild and proudly go where only a carrier family can go!




Alice – Mummy of one



Definitely the Barney! My sister has both a baby and toddler SleepyNico which led me to hire one when my little boy was 3 months old. I then bought our very own Barney and I love it so much. So comfortable, such a gorgeous fabric and who doesn't want owls on their baby carrier?! We do a lot of walking where we live in the Derbyshire Dales and our Barney SleepyNico allows us to continue these adventures as a family of 3!





Nicola - Sling Librarian, West Yorkshire Sling Library



My favourite SleepyNico is Little Houses, it reminds me of our hilly Yorkshire towns with their ‘top and bottom’ houses stacked one atop the other. It’s soft, squashy and lightweight with purple straps - I really like carriers with bright strap colours (any colour as long as it isn’t black!) We were lucky enough to win this one in a competition, and we added many many more to The West Yorkshire Sling Library since! 



We would love to hear about your favourite SleepyNico designs and see your photos. Please comment below or post on social media.



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