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Meet Lucy - Sleepy Nico's charity carrier for 2014

Sleepy Nico are delighted to have added a beautiful new baby carrier called Lucy to our collection. For every Lucy  carrier sold we will donate £10 to the Honey Rose Foundation - a great charity making dreams come true for adults.



The idea for Lucy and a charity carrier all came about from one of our lovely customers, Kiri-Kay who bought a custom made Sleepy Nico in 2013. The Honey Rose Foundation was chosen by her mother in law as was the design and name for the Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier Lucy.


In 2013 my partner's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We all felt positive and hoped speedy treatment would mean a good chance of recovery, unfortunately the cancer had already spread and cannot be cured.. It's not all doom and gloom though. My mother in law is undergoing chemotherapy to keep the cancer as small as they can and at present it is working.


Now the reason for the sling....When undergoing treatment patients have often found significance in 'Zen animals', a wellness animal. The chosen zen animal for our family is an Elephant - to signify strength and defiance. Now wherever we go we are buying little trinkets with elephants...cushions, ornaments, key rings and now....A SLING! There is an old story of the man who lead his herd of elephants though mountains, overcoming trials and tribulations on the way. Lucy was his lead elephant and this is the name of the Sleepy Nico charity sling in support of The Honey Rose Foundation. They are a charity who support seriously ill individuals achieve their dreams and make that fight just a little bit more rewarding. This year they helped my mother in law marry the long term man of her dreams. I would love to help enable them to make many more dreams come true as my mother in law said it was one of the best days of her life. Everyone deserves that bit of true happiness when fighting what can be the hardest fight of all.”


For more information about The Honey Rose Foundation visit


Angeline x



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