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Creating a new collection

It's a tough time of year when I start having to think about beautiful new fabrics for the spring collection and spend my time browsing websites full of gorgeous designs!!

But seriously, Sleepy Nico try hard to please you with interesting, fun and some unusual designs. It can be tricky. Personally I have always loved rather garish floral patterns, I made a dress from a curtain with bright pink flowers on when I was 16 and wore it till it fell to pieces. That's not everyone's taste and I have to remember this otherwise Sleepy Nico would need to be renamed 'Angeline's Full On Floral Carriers' ;).

Those of you who have custom carriers or are thinking about it will know what an overwhelming choice of fabric is out there, so how do you find what you like or something unusual?

1. Visit sites and just browse

I like, and to name a few, they have easy categories to follow so if you like animals or Japanese prints then go to that section and enjoy.

2. Have you something particular in mind?

If you are a fan of something in particular, elephants for instance then don't start browsing websites but do a search instead. Google (or your preferred search engine) will bring up a huge list of fabrics and lots of lovely pictures. You might find something listed on ebay or etsy that's just a small piece and other people won't have seen before, it could mean your carrier is something truly special.

3. Hunt for a one off!

Never mind online, get rummaging in charity shops, granny's attic and vintage fairs. We have made carriers from tea towels, aprons, waterproof maps - look in unusual places and then we can make you something really different (or you might start a trend - Lindsay Snow!).

I'm looking forward to another exciting year of creating some amazing carriers, you are the ones with the good ideas and we just put them together for you. Go on wow me.

Happy New Year

Angeline x


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