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Handle with care

Every Sleepy Nico carrier has a care label sewn onto it with instructions for washing, drying and ironing but caring for your carrier is more than the right setting on the washing machine!

So how are they made?

Firstly we wash all fabric, the corduroy, patterned material and calico (that lines the carrier) in non-bio washing powder. All the fabric is then ironed. The carriers made for our web collection are precut and made so that they are ready for your order - each one takes approximately 2 hours to make. If you order a custom made carrier, we wash your chosen fabric on arrival and then photograph it with suitable colour cords. If we don't have the colour you want we look into purchasing a suitable one (this isn't always possible). The fabric is then cut and matched up, any extras you have ordered are also cut now. It takes two hours to create your custom baby or toddler carrier, it is then pressed, photgraphed and checked.

Your carrier is now a thing of beauty and has been lovingly crafted. Please take care of it, we know they get mucky so when there has been a big dribble or some sick on it do pop it in the machine. Close the velcro tabs and fasten the buckles together. Pop it on a cool delicates wash and then hang up to dry. If you would like to iron it make sure you do so on the other side (cord not pattern).

We send out every carrier with an organic cotton storage bag, when not in use please fold it and place inside and then your carrier is safe from being caught or the buckles trodden on. All the components of your SleepyNico carrier are high quality and they love to be treated well. It makes us sad to see tears and broken buckles, please handle with care and your SleepyNico carrier will last for many babies and beyond.....



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