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SleepyNico's 4th Birthday Competition

Four years ago, over a chilled glass of wine, my husband and I decided to embark on a big adventure together – running our own business, Sleepy Nico. This life changing decision happened to fall on our wedding anniversary...

Many years before in 2004, Ali and I, young and fresh faced travelled around the world together – taking in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the pinnacle of the trip: a cruise to Antarctica. It was an incredible journey, thrown around an ex-research vessel on the Drake Passage in seas 30ft high that rendered most passengers seasick for a large part of the journey. Once there we thankfully got out and explored wildlife on the islands as well as at sea. We marvelled at whales, seals and of course penguins, hundreds and hundreds of noisy, smelly penguins.

Noisy, Smelly Penguins

Ali asked me to marry him on the Antarctic peninsula. We had a quiet moment whilst the other members of our group were exploring a different part of Petermann Island, where we had stopped that morning. The sun was shining and it was incredibly beautiful, he popped the question and I said yes. When we looked down we were surrounded by penguins. A group of them had clustered around us as if they wanted to be the first to hear the good news.

Ali and Angeline, Just Engaged

Three months later we were married in London with penguins as our wedding theme. The next part of the adventure was the arrival our two beautiful daughters Amelia and Louisa and through them an introduction to babywearing and Sleepy Nico.

So, as is my tradition, I am holding a birthday competition to win a Sleepy Nico baby carrier. We have been lucky enough to acquire a gorgeous Baie Penguins Chill wrap and have converted it into a stunning baby carrier with our signature black corduroy.

Baie Penguins Chill SleepyNico Baby Carrier

New Competition: Name the Penguin Carrier

If you would like a chance to win this carrier please let us know what you think it should be called. Email your answer (just one per person please) to Entry is open from 8th June to midnight on the 14th June.

Because the 8th is such a special day we are also releasing two gorgeous limited edition carriers perfect for summer. Amelia Cat for my fanatical feline loving daughter and the lovely Lily, named for an old friend's daughter who has her birthday on the 8th as well.

There is a 15% discount off all baby carriers bought through the website today only with the code BIRTHDAY15. This offer is limited to one carrier per person and is available till midnight on the 8th June.

I hope you all have a great time celebrating this extra special day with us.

Happy Carrying

Angeline x


Terms and Conditions

  1. The judges decision is final
  2. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. If you win the competition you will be notified by email
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. To enter the competition you must be over 18


  • ‘Happy feet’ ????

  • Hello!
    My name suggestion is korora which is apparently the Maori name for the little blue (fairy) penguin!
    Happy Anniversary!

    Elinor Bauchmüller
  • Spheniscidae Amore

    Danielle Kendall
  • I"d call this, protective bird

    Laura Carnall
  • I name the penguin carrier – Princess Percival :)

    Would love to win ??

    Christina morton

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