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Sleepy Nico - Made in Britain

It's Buy British Day today and Sleepy Nico Carriers are made here in Britain.


Sleepy Nico had a very international start, with its founders both being from Russia and living in London. I met Maria and Nico at a number of multi cultural events in London where parents from around the world got together and swapped parenting tips and styles.



Many years on and Sleepy Nico carriers are still made in Britain but all in Suffolk. Sleepy Nico has three dedicated seamstresses, Kerri and Sarah both work on your custom made toddler and baby carriers and live locally. The online collections are made by Ana in Bury St Edmunds and overseen by the amazing Jane. I like to be able to work with a team of people who are passionate about what they do and because we are all close it means our lines of communication are open and easy (usually!). It's also great to be adding to the local economy.



The materials used to make Sleepy Nico are all bought from within the UK. Our quality corduroy from Brisbane Moss, a textile mill in Lancashire and all the lovely patterned fabrics from UK suppliers – although of course your good taste brings in designs from around the world. A couple of our organic designs are made and printed by a fair trade co-operative in India. I hope by having Sleepy Nico carriers made in Britain that in a small way we are helping to keep valuable skills from dying out on our doorstep!


Sleepy Nico may be homegrown, but its popularity is widespread and there are fans in Belgium, Sweden, Morocco, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. I have also seen lovely holiday pictures of your SN's in action in Mexico, the US and all over Europe and of course there are just a few in Sheffield ;).



With International Babywearing Week coming up (4-10 October 2015) I would love to see photos from around the world please send them in.


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For 10% discount on baby carriers on Buy British Day please use BBDAY at the checkout (this applies to the online collection only).


Angeline x



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