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Sling and baby carrier safety

Sleepy Nico take the safety of your baby and toddler extremely seriously, we want you and your baby to enjoy using your carrier in the safest possible way.


The design and construction of Sleepy Nico carriers adhere to the British Standard (BS EN 13209-2:2005) and every carrier comes with a copy of our baby carrier safety guidelines to help guide your use of it.



When you first come to use a Sleepy Nico Carrier please read the instruction booklet carefully and follow our list of Do's and Don'ts. For additional support in using the carrier safely please contact a trained professional. For details of all UK Sling libraries and consultants visit The Sling Pages.


(Safety tip - Don't worry about using your carrier by a giant octopus!!)


Another really helpful guide is to follow the TICKS rules which have been created to help you keep your baby close and safe when using a sling or carrier.


Your baby should be:

  • Tight

  • In view at all times

  • Close enough to kiss

  • Keep chin off the chest

  • Supported Back


Visit to see the full guide created by the UK Sling Consortium.


Enjoy happy and safe carrying.


Angeline x


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