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Reviewed in Juno Magazine!

Today I felt very privileged, my favourite magazine - Juno had a review of a Sleepy Nico Carrier in it.


I read lots of magazines (some trashy and some less so!) but Juno has been a constant since I had my first child almost six years ago. It is a parenting magazine with integrity and real interest, the articles in it are thought provoking and in some cases challenging. I have enjoyed it for these past years and sometimes written in to the letters page or shared a feature with a friend. Because of this I decided to advertise with them but was absolutely thrilled when they asked if they might review a Sleepy Nico Carrier.


The reviews are impartial and they ask parents who have not had contact with the products before for their opinion. I have had a review in a different magazine recently and was terribly disappointed as the mother who tested my sling did not get on with it. Of course this is going to be the case sometimes but it was hard to read that in print! So today, I was just thrilled to receive a positive response inside a publication I admire so much.


Apologies for the gushiness but it really has made my day.


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