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Angeline's Top Tips - keeping cool

 Phew it has got hot again and at Sleepy Nico we get asked a lot about babywearing in high temperatures and what's best. I usually signpost to great resources like the Sheffield Sling Surgery (, where GP Rosie Knowles suggests ways of safely carrying your baby in the heat.



When I carried my daughters I followed the same guidelines as I do now that they are bigger and running around (or away).


- I always try and stay out of the sun at the hottest times – we tend to play early and late in the day and it was the same whilst using a carrier.


- We wear lighter clothes, a hat and apply sunscreen. We have a lot of hats and I keep spare in my bag, the children are used to having to wear one and are good at remembering to keep them on now. Your sling or carrier is like a layer of clothing, it used to make us giggle carrying the baby around naked in the sling on hot days.



- Drink lots and stay hydrated – both you and baby.



Some of us manage the heat better than others, my older daughter is not a fan and prefers to sit inside when it's too hot out. We did a lot of this when she was small too, preferring early evening visits to the playground and a run around outside just after breakfast. Enjoy the sunshine and take care of your little ones, less is more when it comes to the heat.


Angeline x




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