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Angeline's Top Tips – working from home in the holidays

As most of you know, I'm a Mummy of two lovely girls. I decided to run Sleepy Nico to enable me to stay at home and work around them. It was a slow start and initially for small amounts of time every day whilst my littlest was still at home. Now they are both at school I allegedly have lots of time to get things done – although I am sure that those of you who do this can join me in agreeing that it is impossible to get everything done between 9 and 3 every day. The long summer holiday is on the horizon and I love this time, watching the children relax and enjoying slow mornings when nothing is urgent. I still have to work though and I thought some of you might be interested in how I manage it!



Breakfast – my daughters don't really like to eat when they get up (unlike old grumbly tummy here) so they tend to potter, watch tv or set up a game. I check my emails, answer any straightforward queries and check the key social media pages whilst having my breakfast and they are occupied.


Arts and crafts – both girls are crazy for arts and crafts, the little one does need quite a lot of help still. We all sit at the kitchen table and do this together, I find this is a really good time to write lists, sort through the giant pile of paper that seems to build up around me every day and preparing for any work that needs serious thought (which generally gets done in the evening).


Work visits – we always combine a pick up/drop off or chat with a seamstress with either a trip to the park or a day trip. I do the pick up first and then we have all the time after to play. They do groan when I say what we are doing but it's soon forgotten once we are out exploring.



Early mornings and late evenings – in the holidays I need to work more when the girls are asleep. During term time I like to try and keep most of my evenings free to spend with my husband but this isn't possible if we have been out playing all day. I 'delegate' bedtime to him when I can so that I can stop work earlier.


The most important thing is to be honest, Sleepy Nico customers are parents and have families too. If I am running slow I just let everyone know that i'm spending important time with my children. It is time that won't come back so I am making the most of it.


Enjoy the summer and quality time with your little ones.


Angeline x




First published in Suffolk Babies E-Newsletter July 2017


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