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Baby it's cold outside!

And just like that it turns from autumn, to winter. My daughters were praying for snow but had to make do with crunching in the heavy frost this morning. It was a delight to see them kicking the leaves about that we had so carefully gathered earlier in the week!! With this beautiful cold weather comes a whole new set of challenges with your baby though.


Don’t let the cold put you off


Whatever the weather, it's good for you and your baby to get some fresh air every day. It helps clear away the cobwebs, gives you a change of scenery and can work to boost your immune system and lift your mood.



If you have a baby carrier or sling, this is the best form of transport for your little one when it’s nippy. After all, he or she is unlikely to be too cold if dressed appropriately and snuggled up close to you. 


But what is the best way to dress your baby when using a sling? Layers are best.

Think of your sling or carrier as another layer of clothing and avoid snowsuits or pramsuits as they can contribute to your baby overheating.



Layers are a great way to combat the temperature changes from inside to out. Once you're indoors — even if it's just for a stop at the supermarket — take at least one layer off your baby so they won't sweat. Otherwise, the dampness will make them colder when you get back out in the winter air. When carrying your baby in a sling, remember to add a soft hat and some mittens as well as warm socks or booties. Your baby’s core temperature will be regulated by their closeness to you but their little extremities may suffer if exposed.


We love getting outside what ever the weather so read up on taking care of your baby and yourself in these temperatures, layer up and go and enjoy it.


For more information visit Wear My Baby's website which has a really helpful set of FAQs or Rosie at the Sheffield Slings Surgerys advice on 'Snowsuits, scarves, slings and safety'.




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