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Carrying Connects

I love the theme for this year's European Babywearing Week. It encompasses the many different ways in which carrying a child is beneficial and lovely. It connects us to our children and them to us, it puts them at the centre of family life and connects us all to the wider world. It gives us the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the world and for us to connect and explore it, all with our little one carefully carried with us. To create family adventures. 


So this week I really wanted to highlight one of our very special carriers (well they are all special), The Spirit of Adventure. I love the design on this, the map, the promise of adventure and seeing the world. It means a lot to me because the design sums up my feelings about parenthood and the adventure it has brought to my life and the connection between my life before and after children.


When I was younger I thought that being adventurous was about travel and experiencing the world, which I did. Then I fell in love and settled down and had a baby. I thought that the adventures might be over but I was wrong, becoming a parent was the biggest adventure to come.

Carrying my daughter meant that I could still see and do so many things and she could experience it all with me. I hope I have passed this spirit onto both my daughters and although now they are too big to be carried the Adventure of being a family, seeing the world and discovering so many new things together is still in it's infancy.”

To celebrate European Babywearing Week 2018 we are giving away a free pair of suck pads with every purchase of The Spirit of Adventure baby carrier (whilst stocks last).


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