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Corduroy is in fashion – which means I am too!

I am not what you would call fashionable. Like most parents, I choose garments which wear well, wash well and wipe well. Generally speaking I don what is most comfortable. Imagine my surprise therefore when I discovered that corduroy, once the reserve of geography teachers, is being championed this season by a number of leading fashion labels. The fabric is being described by Britain's fashion gurus as "a great palate-cleanser" and "the desirable alternative to denim".

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The durable vintage material is being hailed as "practical, comfortable and lastingly chic" but guess what? Here at Sleepy Nico we have known this for quite some time. All our carriers have soft, corduroy waistbands, shoulder straps and lining which we picked for comfort as well as style.

With more yarns per square inch than most fabrics and a distinctive corded nap, corduroy offers protection by construction. Extra yarns in the weft, or horizontal component, pass over the warp yarns, skipping two or three vertical yarns before diving back under the weave. Held securely in the middle by the vertical yarns, the weft yarns are then snipped, freeing both ends, then trimmed and brushed to a fine, soft nap.

As well as being robust, this is a fabric which has long been hailed as luxurious. After all, corduroy may be making a comeback for the kings and queens of fashion but actually it has long been a favourite of royalty.

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In fact, corduroy takes its name from "cloth of the king" or "cord du roi", fashioned for the sporting use of the French royal court in the 1600s. Its ancestor - a cotton weave known as "fustian" – dates back even further. This was developed in the Egyptian city of Fustat in 200BC and was an Egyptian specialty until the medieval period when Italian merchants introduced the fabric to western Europe. Now in a remarkable renaissance "poor man's velvet" is discovering a brand-new audience.

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The revival is, in part, down to the success of Stranger Things, the Netflix hit which has a strong 80s aesthetic featuring baseball caps, babydoll smocks and pleated skirts. Whilst wholeheartedly embracing a new decade, it correspondingly manages to tap into current trends. And this means that a 1980s revival has taken flight on the catwalks where corduroy has become a prominent feature in multiple collections. Gucci has produced a £1,610 floral jacket made of the hard-wearing fabric and you can pick up a more modest green equivalent from Mango for £90.

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And, thanks to our baby carrier range, that makes us at the forefront of the latest fashion trend (and more reasonably priced).

Angeline x

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