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Decluttering for Lizzie

I have been pondering what I should write about for this next blog - back to school, reduction in plastics, how many baby carriers I saw at the airport!?! Then earlier this week a Mum from my daughter's school got in touch asking if I had any fabric scraps that weren't needed.

Clutter is a big in my life, it's everywhere, the whole family keeps everything - seriously everything! We have my husband's keyring collection from when he was 14 (thousands of them), all my scrapbooks from late teens to late twenties packed with theatre tickets, postcards and notes from friends. My two daughters love to craft, so I keep every bit of tissue paper, cardboard insert and ribbon just in case - we have a cupboard full of 'useful' craft materials.

SleepyNico is no exception and I have kept hold of every little piece of fabric 'just in case'. Every so often though I have a big clear out and take bags to a local charity. Once the girls were in bed last night I started to clear and sort - now I have five big bags of fabric scraps, foam triangles and strings (yes that's where all our storage bag strings have gone - a story for another day) and a much clearer working space. It feels great.

The reason for this clear out though is much more serious than indulging in a bit of decluttering. A lovely girl we know is battling a brain tumour and Lizzie, alongside her family and friends is busy raising money to fund research and treatment to help children like herself. The scraps will all be turned into lovely things and I hope we will be selling some later in the year. Lizzie is also having a recipe book published alongside many fundraising events.

If you would like to support Lizzie's Fund please visit her page on The Brain Tumour Charity's website. SleepyNico and myself hope to be helping in many ways over the coming months.

Take care

Angeline x

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