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If you asked me what the one thing becoming a parent had taught me I would say patience. Patience on so many levels.

Before I had my daughters I was the sort of person who wasn't just on time, I was early. I couldn't wait to get to places and I would leave early, arrive early and then hang around for ages feeling irritated that I had to wait. I was like a child - totally impatient.

The first big lesson was learnt during my pregnancy, not only did I have to wait 9 months for my first daughter to arrive (only 7 for no. 2) but I had to wait to stop being sick a million times a day, I had to wait to feel joyous and then I had to wait a long time to recover from my c-section. It seemed that a previous lifetime of being first in the queue and waving madly 'me first' was completely over.

I now hope and certainly try to be a patient parent (unless I am being spoken to about Minecraft) and I find this also applies to being a small business owner. Nothing happens quickly at Sleepy Nico - it can't because it generally has to wait until I have time, until the children are in bed or until all the appropriate processes have been carried out. Recently my IT department (husband) began work on improving the website, in fact when I say recently I mean months and months ago. He works on Sleepy Nico when he's on the train and he's not too tired and not too busy with his job, aaargh. So much waiting.

It is done and now we have a lovely reviews system in place. I am hoping that instead of searching the internet for information and feedback about our carriers prospective customers will be able to see it all on our product pages. If you have used one of our carriers and enjoyed it, please do leave a review on the page of your design. If we no longer stock it please feel free to email it to me and we can share it on the 'Reviews Page'.

Now that's it finished I can't wait a minute longer to read all the lovely reviews. I mean of course please do so when you have time, I'm happy to wait :).

Angeline x

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