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Rainbow Babies

This is my rainbow baby, born after three miscarriages and much grief. She embodies all that a rainbow has come to mean – the calm after the storm, hope and joy. I hadn't come across this term until recently and now I see it everywhere, especially in the sling world.



Rainbow baby is a term applied to a child born after loss but rainbows are everywhere, shining hope into the darkness for so many people. My friend Anna, said goodbye to her beautiful daughter on her 7th birthday. She said to me “'We asked Daisy on the night she died to send us rainbows as a sign that she was saying hello” and I never fail to think of her when I see one.




When researching rainbows online what struck me was how many charities have rainbows in them - particularly ones for children. Rainbow trusts, rainbow hospices and remembering rainbows. Rainbows aren't just about hope, they are also about joy – the youngest members of the girl guides movement are called Rainbows and they have a song that I felt really summed up my feelings about parenting, being blessed with a child (rainbow or otherwise) and growing up.

Look at the world around.
Learn everything you can.
Laugh as you go along.
Love this world of ours.

Look, Learn, Laugh, Love.
Rainbows have begun.
We're all here now.
Come and join the fun.


My very talented friend Sarah is a singer/song writer and her beautiful song 'Rainbow Child' has me in tears when ever I hear it. 

In fact I think we are all rather obsessed, I have a camera full of rainbow photos and my girls regularly discuss how we can get to 'the pot of gold at the end'.


This one was shining over the beautiful Long Melford in Suffolk!


There are certainly many deeper meanings to the rainbow, than just us Braidwoods getting excited in the car when we see one! The LGBT Freedom flat, created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker was designed to represent the diversity of the gay community. The flag's symbolism has been revitalised in Trump's America, adopted as shorthand for all-colours-of-the-rainbow inclusivity.


You may have noticed that our new collection has two rainbow carriers in it. Alfie, our charity carrier which has so much emotion in it really does represent hope – it supports the work of Pancreatic Cancer UK and SANDS. Rainbow Starburst, our collaboration with Wild Things, has such energy and fun wrapped up in all those colours. It's a joyous creation much like each beautiful child it carries.




Rainbows are a symbol of hope, of freedom and joy – they are a fashion statement, a political statement and a lifestyle one. Enjoy your children and the joy they bring to you and that streams through their life, they are all gorgeous bright beings. Please share your photos of your rainbow babies and rainbow slings (any brand) with us, we would love to share in your hope, joy and beauty.

Angeline x



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