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Reduce, reuse and recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle – it’s a motto for us all! Christmas is almost upon us and I love the joy it brings to my children and family but I do find the waste that comes with it slightly distressing as I am a firm believer in “waste not, want not”. I like the idea that one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure and that these days, there is so much that can be done in the name of recycling. You will find me gathering up all the wrapping paper, ribbons and boxes to use again whilst everyone else delights in their gifts next Monday!

This is why Sleepy Nico works with an awesome local charity called Recreate Social Enterprises, a not for profit organisation based in Ipswich. Every few months I turn up on their doorstep armed with my fabric off cuts and all the waste materials that we have no use for. The team at Recreate then use these remnants for something wonderful – they are given to adults with special needs who sift, sort and slice them up into arts and crafts packages to be sold. This is part of a number of therapeutic work-based activities for learning disabled and disadvantaged people which they run. They also collect unwanted, unused and surplus items such as card, paper, film, foil, ribbon, buttons, sequin cut outs, bottles, containers and a whole host of unique items from other local businesses. The items are sold to schools, playgroups, drama groups and individuals at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Sleepy Nico passionately believes in supporting charities – local, national and international.

Last year we supported Bryn’s Helping Hand, a charity set up to support parents of babies with life limiting and life-threatening conditions. With input from Bryn's parents we created the Bryn Baby Carrier, which raised £500 for the charity. You may have already seen our new charity carrier – Alfie, made from a gorgeous and rather special rainbow fabric. Alfie is a limited edition and 25% of the cost of the fabric went to SANDS and towards buying a cuddle cot for the James Paget hospital in Great Yarmouth. A further £10 from the purchase of each of these Sleepy Nico carriers will go to Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of my dear friend Shona. The preorder for this carrier is open till midnight on Monday 17th December. It will then be available to purchase from January 19th 2018.

We also continue to support Carrying Aid International – donating all slings that have been deemed seconds to this charity which provides refugees with a vital means to carry their babies in difficult circumstances. And this one really brings us full circle – back to the concept of “waste not, want not.”

Details of Re-creates work can be found here

Sleepy Nico's preorder for Alfie

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a lovely 2018

Angeline and the Sleepy Nico team x

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