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First published in Suffolk Babies E-Newsletter June 2017




Nine and a half years ago I walked into a playgroup and saw a woman wearing a beautiful baby carrier and little did I know that moment would change the course of my life as a parent and for our whole family.


Sleepy Nico was originally set up by and run by two lovely Mums both named Maria, each with a son called Nico. One of the Maria's designed and made the carriers and the other did the sales and marketing. It was the latter Maria that I met wearing an apple Sleepy Nico after I had walked three miles with my eldest daughter in an ill fitting narrow based carrier. My shoulders hurt, I was sweaty and tired and in front of me was a vision of parental calm and glamour!


A week later I had ordered an 'Angelina carrier' and my life was changed for the better. I have carried both my girls in it, rocked them to sleep, travelled with ease. When I had my second daughter it was invaluable because I could carry on with activities and playdates with my eldest. We have baked, crafted, painted and run around the playground all with my little one snugly and safe in my Sleepy Nico.


Everywhere we went I was stopped by people commenting on how pretty and stylish it was, how comfortable it looked. It really was the best piece of baby equipment I had bought.


Angeline from Sleepy Nico Carriers


When my brother-in-law was expecting his first child I went online to order one for him and his partner. The website said they were all sold out, I called Maria and she said that they were both moving onto new things (and more children) and were looking for a 'like minded mother' to pass Sleepy Nico onto. Those words and a now infamous conversation between my husband and I (where I quote) he said “it will just be a bit of admin in the evenings for you” led to our purchase of the pattern and the Sleepy Nico legacy.


That was five years ago, we bought it on our Wedding Anniversary and every year on June 8th I celebrate another happy year of marriage and another busy, exciting year running Sleepy Nico. I have tried to continue my experience of parenting with a carrier - safety and security for you and your child are at the heart of the business. Style is important too and it has taken me a few years to choose designs that will suit everyone. I don't always get it right as my own taste is bold, retro and floral. Which is why we offer the custom made service and parents can have a fabric that reflects their own taste.


Running a growing business around my daughters has been a huge challenge and some days incredibly hard. The little bit of admin in the evenings has developed into something much bigger and I often refer to Sleepy Nico as my third child! She needs love, nurture, stability and encouragement, I also have to drive a lot and her activities take up a lot of my weekends and evenings!


Sleepy Nico is....


Five years feels like a huge achievement and I'm thrilled to have got this far. My family and business are flourishing and the feedback I receive from customers is wonderful. Some of this I will be sharing with you all on June 8th, a wonderful film made by a talented customer who has been using Sleepy Nico baby and toddler carriers with both his sons. We will also be having a party at Raspberry Rascals in Bury St Edmunds on the 8th June and a competition.



Please do visit our facebook page for more information.


Angeline x




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