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Super (busy) September!

September is a bit like my January. I've cruised all summer - two months of relaxation with my children home, no school run and SleepyNico ticking over. I can't do much running because it's just me and the girls at home during the day and we try not to drive too much as we are sick of the car from all the travelling during term time. So we have been happy at home :).

Then suddenly it's September, the girls go back to school and this year a new one for both of them. There's lots to learn for all of us, plenty of travelling, washing, learning and talking (something we all do a lot of). I'm running again, a half marathon booked for the end of October which involves training, sensible eating (allegedly) and routine and discipline. Where did those lazy summer days go??

Finally, there's SleepyNico - my third child, he hasn't gone off to school but he certainly needs some help with growth and social skills. So this September we're off out - a baby and parent show, a couple of special offers, potentially some new staff and some fresh ideas for the autumn.

September Offer

To kick things off, we are offering a free mirror with everyone of our baby and toddler carriers purchased this month. A little thank you for choosing a SleepyNico carrier. Just pop your preferred design in the notes box when you order.

September Show

We haven't exhibited anywhere for a long time, I was too busy last year with a house move and marathon training. I also don't enjoy the time away from my family if I need to travel. But we are excited to now be on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and really looking forward to meeting lots of Norfolk parents at The Parent and Baby Show in Norwich on September 16th. We have a special offer for the show too - a free pair of suck pads with every baby or toddler carrier purchased. Come and say hello to us - that's me and Victoria from Kangaroo Together sling library on the stand.

Toddler Carriers

Amazing Ana is now making our toddler carriers as well as baby ones and we look forward to having more stock available over the coming month.

Suck pads and hats

Emma has just started making our accessories and is doing a wonderful job with our suck pads and hats. I'm hoping that over the coming months she'll be doing  more for us too.


Have you seen the new reviews section on our website now? You can leave a review under the product you have bought and (just like on Amazon) reviews are incredibly useful for helping other parents decide whether a SleepyNico is the right carrier for them. Please do leave one if you have a few minutes spare.

Here's a lovely one for our Bryn Baby Carrier

September is Sling Library Appreciation Month

Did you use a sling library to find the right carrier for you? We'd love to hear about your sling library and how helpful it was when choosing a SleepyNico. I'll be writing about how much we love sling libraries next week so if you are happy to share your  experiences with me I would love to include some of them.

Have a great autumn.

Best wishes

Angeline x


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