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The Autumn Collection 2016

It is here at last, after months of preparation and organisation I can reveal our gorgeous new Sleepy Nico baby carriers for Autumn 2016. I hope you like them.

The Spirit of Adventure

When I was younger I thought that being adventurous was about travel and experiencing the world, which I did. Then I fell in love and settled down and had a baby. I thought that the adventures might be over but I was wrong, becoming a parent was the biggest adventure to come.

Carrying my daughter meant that I could still see and do so many things and she could experience it all with me. I hope I have passed this spirit onto both my daughters and although now they are too big to be carried the Adventure of being a family, seeing the world and discovering so many new things together is still in it's infancy.

Family Forest

This gorgeous baby carrier made for the Suffolk Babywearing Exhibition is now available for everyone to buy.

Family Forest was chosen because we feel it represents the love and community spirit of families in Suffolk. Through Sleepy Nico and babywearing I have met so many wonderful, kind, creative and beautiful people and their children. It is a privilege to run a family and baby oriented business alongside them


I was originally going to call this beautiful baby carrier Harmony after the horse I used to ride as a child but then I remembered how much one of my dear friend's daughters loves to ride. This is for Lyra (who's twin sister Eva has already had a carrier dedicated to her), who loves animals, the outdoors and the joy of riding a horse with the wind in her face.


I hope you and your baby will enjoy the freedom using a carrier brings to your life (just like riding a horse).


Kerri has been making Sleepy Nico baby and toddler carriers for over 3 years. She is calm, kind, creative and honest. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure.

She is a mother of two now grown up (almost) children and has so much wisdom and kindness when it comes to understanding parenting and children.

I wanted to say thank you for all the love she has put into Sleepy Nico and so many of your carriers.


Ana is the incredible lady who makes most of our baby carriers. She works from home and when I turn up at her house with a big pile of corduroy and buckles I am greeted by an incredible garden, brimming with flowers and gorgeous blooms.

I wanted to thank her for all her hard work and putting up with my demands so when I saw this print I thought it would suit Ana perfectly.



Our friends at The Sling Spot also have a lovely new Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier for the autumn. Meet Libby, this carrier will be in stock there later this week.

This launch has coincided with our school half term so if ordering there may be a slight delay in despatch, we would hope to have your carrier out to you by the 25/26th October. Thank you for your patience.

Angeline x


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  • Are there any matching suck pads for this please?

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