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Try before you buy – our top tip for choosing a sling!


When it comes to babywearing, the most important thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. As the owner of a baby carrier brand you might expect me to be pushing my own above all else but that has never been the ethos of Sleepy Nico. In fact, I am a firm believer in try before you buy.


There is no place better to do this than at a sling library. Like a book library, a sling library allows you to borrow slings and baby carriers so you can try them and find out which might suit you best. Trust me, there are a lot of different makes and models out there and it can be a bit overwhelming if you are a new to using a sling.


At a sling library, you can speak to experienced and enthusiastic people. These are usually parents who are passionate about carrying their children and helping others – and you can try on a selection of slings from a wide variety of manufacturers. Slings available will include stretchy wraps, soft structured carriers, ring slings, Asian-style carriers and woven wraps.



With most baby carrier and sling retailers operating online, and with the fabric feel and construction such an important element in considering a purchase, opportunities to touch and try out different fabric blends in one space is really helpful. The opportunity to try a variety of styles of carrier, with support from experienced or professional consultants, allows the chance to explore and to practice with guidance and support. There is also the added benefit of being in the company of other people with new babies, from your local area and with children. It’s a great place to make friends!

If you are new to the whole idea though, don’t worry about feeling left out. At a sling library, you will be gently introduced to the many benefits of carrying your baby. These include bonding with your little one, helping calm them and get them to sleep, giving you the opportunity to have your hands free and saving money (they cost a lot less than a pram). For a small fee, you can take a sling home for a number of weeks to make sure it works for you and your family. But remember to arrive early - library sessions are often quite busy with lots of people attending – and sometimes samples run out.


Sling libraries are usually based in towns, set up by volunteers, creating spaces that offer the opportunity to explore a wide range of babywearing and social options.

They usually meet fortnightly or monthly and the venues can range from someone’s living room, to a community centre or a local café.


So if you have been admiring our new collection and wondering if a Sleepy Nico is for you, you can try one out at your nearest sling library. Visit to find your nearest one.


Angeline x


Thank you to Amy for the great photos of 'the sling meet and library session' for The Carrying Works.


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