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You can't do it all!

Previously I have written some top tips blogs and articles for local magazines and websites. A recent one for the Suffolk Babies newsletter was all about how I managed my children and business in the summer holidays and my top tips on how to do this. I am not ashamed to say that despite my own advice I failed miserably. We moved house and I couldn't manage, everything slipped and I had to accept that I had lost control of my inbox and managing my workload.


So today's post is about how it's ok to ask for help and say 'I can't do it all'.


Since we have moved house I have put some serious miles on the clock, my children go to school over an hour away, Sleepy Nico's studio is then a further 20 minutes drive. I have driven 6000 miles since our move at the beginning of August and frankly I am exhausted. I have also been running a business, feeding my family, allegedly keeping our house clean and tidy and trying to keep fit. When half term arrived last Friday no one on earth could have been more pleased than me.



It is my fourth day at home and I have been using the time off the road (well I've driven to work, the supermarket, the vet and the butchers) to think about what is going on and how I can make life easier. It is clear, I can't do it all. So today, I have contacted cleaning companies, a virtual assistant and have started drafting a job description for a studio assistant. I have also decided to work with a local PR company rather than try and do it all myself. There seems little point to having moved to my dream house if I am never in it or am too exhausted to enjoy a rich family life within it's walls.



I suppose my advice would be, if you've got too much on (and most parents I know do), ask for help or outsource and save the best bits for yourself.


Have a great half term and you may see the children and I walking in the woods and footpaths of Suffolk or not see us at all as we'll be at home.


Angeline x


First published in the Suffolk Babies newsletter 21st October


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