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Rainbow Babies

Posted on March 06, 2018 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Rainbow Babies, Rainbows, Sleepy Nico Carrier, slings | Leave a Comment

You may have noticed that our new collection has two rainbow carriers in it. Alfie, our charity carrier which has so much emotion in it really does represent hope – it supports the work of Pancreatic Cancer UK and SANDS. Rainbow Starburst, our collaboration with Wild Things, has such energy and fun wrapped up in all those colours. It's a joyous creation much like each beautiful child it carries.

Try before you buy – our top tip for choosing a sling!

Posted on January 25, 2018 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Collection, Designs, Exclusive baby carriers, Sleepy Nico Carrier, Sling Libraries | Leave a Comment
When it comes to babywearing, the most important thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. As the owner of a baby carrier brand you might expect me to be pushing my own above all else but that has never been the ethos of Sleepy Nico. In fact, I am a firm believer in try before you buy.

Babywearing for Dads

Posted on July 28, 2017 | Posted under Dads, Media, Sleepy Nico Carrier, The Green Parent | Leave a Comment

I am so pleased that Sleepy Nico's ever popular Morning Song carrier has been featured in the latest edition of The Green Parent.

Angeline x


Sleepy Nico's Highlights of 2015

Posted on December 31, 2015 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Blog post, Made in Britain, News from Sleepy Nico, Sleepy Nico Carrier, SleepyNico Carrier, Toddler Carrier | 1 Comment

It has been another really exciting year for Sleepy Nico, this little company continues to grow and I am so proud to be helping it along. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2015.


Sleepy Nico Toddler Carriers


We have been making the toddler size for a while now and they are so popular. There have been some amazing designs, including a Hogwarts Map, stunning wrap conversions and of course the original SplashMaps Sleepy Nico carrier. We are now delighted to be able to offer a small range of ready to wear toddler size carriers and will be building on this in 2016.





Sleepy Nico now has baby carriers available from a handpicked group of shops and online retailers. All of them are trained carrying consultants and can offer you expert help with fitting and safety. You can find them at:


The Sling-Spot in Sheffield – Rosie stocks three limited edition designs exclusive to The Sling-Spot, Maggie, Fred and Savanna as well as our baby carrier 'collection'.



Seahorse Slings in Ireland - Nicola based in Cork sells a small selection of our carriers, take a look for designs now discontinued.


Love to be Natural in Northern Ireland – Beth has a broad selection of Sleepy Nico baby carriers available to buy.


Just Keep Slinging – Hen has a small selection of our carriers and a few limited editions are still available



Northern Sling Exhibition


What a blast we had up in Sheffield this summer for the Northern Sling Exhibition, Sleepy Nico was the silver sponsor of this fantastic educational event introducing and informing so many parents about the benefits of babywearing.




Our stall was very busy with so many happy faces and beautiful babies. Thanks for all those who let me photograph them for our special picture.


New Collections


2015 saw lots of pretty new baby carriers go on sale, it has been so much fun choosing the fabrics that will carry your babies. Our new charity carrier was also launched in the autumn, with £10 from every sale going to Bryn's Helping Hand. This design has proved really popular and we are already on our second run.




The beautiful fabric was chosen by Bryn's parents Rosie and Midge in his memory and the story behind the Importance of Feathers is very moving.

Prima Baby Awards 2016


What a great way to end the year with the fabulous news that Sleepy Nico have been shortlisted for a #PrimaBabyAwards2016. We won't hear until the beginning of March but are totally thrilled that our baby carrier is listed alongside some of the big names in babywearing.




Next year we are welcoming the lovely Sarah who will be working alongside Kerri making custom made baby and toddler carriers and some of our limited editions. We are also hoping to get out and about and meet more of you at events around the country – we'll be at the Suffolk Baby Show in March.


Thank you for your custom and support this year, it has been amazing.


Happy New Year


Angeline x



Sling and baby carrier safety

Posted on November 05, 2015 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Blog post, Sleepy Nico Carrier | Leave a Comment

Sleepy Nico take the safety of your baby and toddler extremely seriously, we want you and your baby to enjoy using your carrier in the safest possible way.


The design and construction of Sleepy Nico carriers adhere to the British Standard (BS EN 13209-2:2005) and every carrier comes with a copy of our baby carrier safety guidelines to help guide your use of it.



When you first come to use a Sleepy Nico Carrier please read the instruction booklet carefully and follow our list of Do's and Don'ts. For additional support in using the carrier safely please contact a trained professional. For details of all UK Sling libraries and consultants visit The Sling Pages.


(Safety tip - Don't worry about using your carrier by a giant octopus!!)


Another really helpful guide is to follow the TICKS rules which have been created to help you keep your baby close and safe when using a sling or carrier.


Your baby should be:

  • Tight

  • In view at all times

  • Close enough to kiss

  • Keep chin off the chest

  • Supported Back


Visit to see the full guide created by the UK Sling Consortium.


Enjoy happy and safe carrying.


Angeline x


October News from Sleepy Nico

Posted on October 26, 2015 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Blog post, Exclusive baby carriers, Exclusive Toddler Carriers, Made in Britain, News from Sleepy Nico, Sleepy Nico Carrier, Toddler Carrier | Leave a Comment

Northern Sling Exhibition

I was lucky enough to attend the Northern Sling Exhibition in Sheffield earlier this month. It was a fantastic event with workshops, educational talks and a buzzing marketplace. It was wonderful to meet so many Sleepy Nico fans and customers using their Sleepy Nico carriers. The famous Hungry Furby Baby Carrier (pictured) was still in use and lots of beautiful custom baby and toddler carriers being worn by proud parents.

I was also privileged to watch the the moving babywearing film 'I Will Walk With You' by Ricardo Lacombe which happens to feature a Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier or two! It will be available to watch later this week, we will announce it on our facebook page.


New Limited Edition Baby Carrier

Have you seen our stunning new Baby Carrier Ella?

As autumn rapidly becomes cooler and the leaves fall from the trees we thought everyone could do with a reminder of warmer brighter days.

This beautiful baby carrier is named after one of my younger daughter's sparky little friends who brightens things up where ever she goes.


Custom Carrier Slots - Baby and Toddler

We have room on our waiting lists for both baby and toddler carriers. Ana makes all your custom baby carriers and they usually take 2-3 weeks to be made. Kerri is our toddler carrier specialist and the wait is approximately 3 weeks at the moment. Please do get in touch for details, especially if you are thinking about ordering one as a Christmas present.

Email Angeline at info at for further details and an order form. A couple of our recent designs have had a lot of attention. The Harry Potter inspired toddler carrier Quinn:

and the baby carrier Bertie goes to Ballet

Sleepy Nico Baby Carriers now available from retailers

Sleepy Nico baby carriers are now available from a selection of exclusive retailers. Visit their sites or shops for a wide range of designs.

Seahorse Slings in Cork, Ireland

Available at Love to be Natural from November

Just Keep Slinging

The Sling Spot in Sheffield which exclusively stock the limited edition Maggie and Fred baby carriers



Wishing you all a lovely crisp autumn and fun Halloween with your little ones (my two girls are crazy for dressing up, making things and spiders so it's their favourite day!).

Best wishes

Angeline x


Autumn/Winter Collection 2015

Posted on September 23, 2015 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Blog post, Collection, Designs, Discount, Fabric, Made in Britain, Sleepy Nico Carrier, SleepyNico Carrier, special offer | Leave a Comment

It's that time of year again and I'm delighted to introduce you all to Sleepy Nico's latest Collection.

Four beautiful carriers that we hope you will love as much as we do.



We just loved these fun geese and knowing how much parents and children like animal and bird prints this was a must. The fabric is by Cloud 9 so it's a gorgeous organic print from the US. It's namesake is my brother-in-law who is a keen rower and makes moving across the water look like an effortless joy. He is also witty and a bit silly so I thought this suited him perfectly.



Teal is an autumnal colour and a favourite of mine, my Mum's and my sister Abigail! We often turn up to see each other to find we are all flaunting a new teal item. I've already named a carrier after my lovely Mummy (Judy) so I thought it was time my fabulous sister got a mention. She is very stylish and lives a glamourous life in the US, there isn't an autumn where she lives but I'm sure if there was she would be enjoying a beautiful teal print like this one.



Bryn is Sleepy Nico's charity carrier of the year and this beautiful print was chosen by Bryn's parents in his memory and for their charity – Bryn's Helping Hand. More details about Bryn and the importance of feathers can be found here on his product page.



This is a first for us, a limited edition design sold exclusively by Rosie from the Sheffield Sling Surgery. It turns out Rosie loves teal too and her youngest is called Maggie. To purchase a Maggie please visit Sling-Spot


We hope you like them and the meanings behind their names. There is a 10% discount on all carriers purchased from our website till midnight on Sunday 27th September with the code BLOG10.

Angeline x

Handle with care

Posted on February 19, 2015 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Blog post, Fabric, Made in Britain, Sleepy Nico Carrier, SleepyNico Carrier, Toddler Carrier | Leave a Comment

Every Sleepy Nico carrier has a care label sewn onto it with instructions for washing, drying and ironing but caring for your carrier is more than the right setting on the washing machine!

So how are they made?

Firstly we wash all fabric, the corduroy, patterned material and calico (that lines the carrier) in non-bio washing powder. All the fabric is then ironed. The carriers made for our web collection are precut and made so that they are ready for your order - each one takes approximately 2 hours to make. If you order a custom made carrier, we wash your chosen fabric on arrival and then photograph it with suitable colour cords. If we don't have the colour you want we look into purchasing a suitable one (this isn't always possible). The fabric is then cut and matched up, any extras you have ordered are also cut now. It takes two hours to create your custom baby or toddler carrier, it is then pressed, photgraphed and checked.

Your carrier is now a thing of beauty and has been lovingly crafted. Please take care of it, we know they get mucky so when there has been a big dribble or some sick on it do pop it in the machine. Close the velcro tabs and fasten the buckles together. Pop it on a cool delicates wash and then hang up to dry. If you would like to iron it make sure you do so on the other side (cord not pattern).

We send out every carrier with an organic cotton storage bag, when not in use please fold it and place inside and then your carrier is safe from being caught or the buckles trodden on. All the components of your SleepyNico carrier are high quality and they love to be treated well. It makes us sad to see tears and broken buckles, please handle with care and your SleepyNico carrier will last for many babies and beyond.....



Creating a new collection

Posted on January 04, 2015 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Blog post, Collection, Designs, Fabric, Made in Britain, Sleepy Nico Carrier, Toddler Carrier | Leave a Comment

It's a tough time of year when I start having to think about beautiful new fabrics for the spring collection and spend my time browsing websites full of gorgeous designs!!

But seriously, Sleepy Nico try hard to please you with interesting, fun and some unusual designs. It can be tricky. Personally I have always loved rather garish floral patterns, I made a dress from a curtain with bright pink flowers on when I was 16 and wore it till it fell to pieces. That's not everyone's taste and I have to remember this otherwise Sleepy Nico would need to be renamed 'Angeline's Full On Floral Carriers' ;).

Those of you who have custom carriers or are thinking about it will know what an overwhelming choice of fabric is out there, so how do you find what you like or something unusual?

1. Visit sites and just browse

I like, and to name a few, they have easy categories to follow so if you like animals or Japanese prints then go to that section and enjoy.

2. Have you something particular in mind?

If you are a fan of something in particular, elephants for instance then don't start browsing websites but do a search instead. Google (or your preferred search engine) will bring up a huge list of fabrics and lots of lovely pictures. You might find something listed on ebay or etsy that's just a small piece and other people won't have seen before, it could mean your carrier is something truly special.

3. Hunt for a one off!

Never mind online, get rummaging in charity shops, granny's attic and vintage fairs. We have made carriers from tea towels, aprons, waterproof maps - look in unusual places and then we can make you something really different (or you might start a trend - Lindsay Snow!).

I'm looking forward to another exciting year of creating some amazing carriers, you are the ones with the good ideas and we just put them together for you. Go on wow me.

Happy New Year

Angeline x


Sleepy Nico's Highlights of 2014

Posted on December 05, 2014 | Posted under Baby Carrier, Charity, Charity of the Year, Competition, Sleepy Nico Carrier, Toddler Carrier | Leave a Comment

In the last month of 2014, in the last week of the autumn term I am finding just a minute to look back at what has been such an amazing year for Sleepy Nico and for me.

In February I attended a four day Slingababy Course to become a babywearing consultant - this was very exciting and tough too, I learned so much about different slings and carriers, correct fitting and the physiology behind carrying. I have been able to implement much of my learning into Sleepy Nico. It was also great to get to know the inspirational Lorette and catch up with some of the Suffolk Babywearing ladies.

Our toddler carrier passed all the important parts of safety testing in spring and we were able to offer toddler size Sleepy Nico carriers made to order. Since then we have made some amazing carriers including the SplashMaps made from a waterproof map of the Peak District. Watch out for our toddler collection to be launched next year.

As well as Kerri, the fabulous Jane and Ana joined the team. Kerri makes all your toddler carriers and some of the custom made baby ones. Ana produces our collection and many of your custom made baby designs. Jane is a saint and does all the cutting and she organises me quite a bit too!

We are very proud to have supported a number of charities this year. An Edith was auctioned for Raising for Rana in the spring and we ran our own auction to raise money and awareness for DIPG and Daisy. We also launched our charity carrier of the year - the stunning Lucy, from which £10 of every sale goes to The Honey Rose Foundation.

We are delighted to be supporting the UP Project - which works to ensure that children in low income families who are disadvantaged are given the opportunity to experience the benefits of being carried in a baby sling or carrier.

Sleepy Nico made the I Love Owls collection and some gorgeous Limited Edition Liberty Prints. Look out for more Limited Edition designs next year too. We had two competitions which resulted in some fun name ideas for the Mrs Jumbo print and for International Babywearing Week some fantastic photos - thanks to all those who entered.

You can now buy suck pads to match your Sleepy Nico carrier and this is because of the wonderful Sarah at Tuesday's Child who we are so pleased to be working with. Sarah makes gorgeous babywearing accessories and is another Sheffield lady. Thanks Sarah.

Finally, Sleepy Nico has introduced me to some of the loveliest, most dedicated and passionate people out there. Rosie K, Rosie D, Kiri-Kay, Amy, Lorette, Ali D and Lindsay and Furbs. Thanks for all your support and everyone else who I didn't name too. Looking forward to a brilliant 2015.

Angeline x





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